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Quicken says Navy Federal Credit Union won't log me in.

I log in fine on the internet to Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU).  While "getting started" with Quicken, it asks me for my bank (and gives me Navy Federal as an option so I click on it.  It asks me for my User Name and password. I give it to them and then it says it needs additional info from me and asks for my password.  I give it the password and Quicken says I must not be putting in the right password.
I think the problem has something to do with the fact that NFCU requires an Access # before providing User Name and Password but Quicken doesn't know to ask for the Activity Number.
    Ok, I just got Quicken 2012 Rental Property Manager to automatically download all my transactions.  

    1.  Enter your primary account 10 digit account number.  I would imagine that everyone's primary account will be their savings account.  It would be nice if Quicken would just ask for this instead of asking for a "user id" or "user name"

    2.  Password is your last four of your SSN.

    3.  Submit that and Quicken will come back requesting your password.  Enter your password that you use to log on to NFCU website.

    4.  That will start the motion of finding all your accounts.  It took a few minutes, but Quicken found both my accounts, and I added them as new accounts.

    5.  Too easy!

    6.  Access number is never used during this process.

    Hope this helps.
      If you listen to NFCU, they only support Web Connect.

      It is possible to set NFCU up to do Express Web Connect downloads ... but the setup instructions are misleading (or were, last time I used them). And Express Web Connect can be very unreliable (when it works, it works fine; but it doesn't always work at all).

      Your Quicken user-id (or customer-id) is your NFCU primary 10 digit account number (including the 3 digit sub account number - nnnnnnnsss). You may be able to use your Access number instead, I haven't tried.

      Your Quicken "password" is your NFCU user-id.

      At some point in the setup process (after entering the above two items), I believe you'll also be asked for an additional piece of logon information ... enter your NFCU password there.

      [If you have plain Web Connect setup, doing "Update Now" will just take you to the fi's web site where you must log in manually. If you have Express Web Connect setup, "Update Now" will (usually after asking for your Vault password), do a One Step Update for only that financial institution.]
      • So, I'm having the same issues with NFCU.  Here is what NFCU said to answer my question.  Does this help answer the issue?  It sounds like Intuit/Quicken needs to fix something in the way they accept the data from NFCU.

         Subject: Quicken
        Navy Federal Response 01/13/2012 : Thank you for using Navy Federal's eMessaging Services. We are aware of a condition similar to the one described in your eMessage. Our technical staff has actively addressed the issue and we have determined that the issue is with Quicken. Navy Federal currently uses a QIF and QFX download method; however, Quicken is no longer using these download methods as they have done in the past. Their 2009 and newer versions are now using a OFX download method. It will be necessary for you to contact Quicken for assistance with adjusting your program to be compatible with one of our download methods. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

        Your Message 01/12/2012 : I followed all the directions in your FAQ and set up Quicken 2012 One Step Update and it downloaded all the accounts and their info and transactions the initial time - but no new transactions will download or be entered in the register. What am I doing wrong?
      I suggest that you log in to the financial institutions web site and download the transactions to Quicken.

      Navy Federal Credit Union may only support Web Connect (i.e., not Express Web Connect or Direct Connect).
      • This is wrong. See the correct answer below from patriotsgm. Don't know why Intuit's forum puts the most upvoted answer last.
      • The posts are basically in the order they were made, except that replies to specific posts immediately follow the post they're replying to.

        The "order" is determined when the posts are made; it's not changed by the Community software.

        And, as I mentioned in this thread a year ago: NFCU has, themselves, stated (adamantly, and on more than one occasion) that they only offer Web Connect downloads.
      • Yes, I got that answer from NFCU as well. It just happens to be badly outdated. Thanks for your answer (which is also correct).
      • It was outdated when NFCU told me. I had already done a couple of successful Express Web Connect downloads, but they ultimately kept failing. Tried to get help from NFCU .., to no avail. Even when I told them I had already done an EWC download, they insisted it wasn't possible.

        I no longer even attempt EWC with NFCU. I only have one transaction a month with them ... it's just as easy to do it myself.
      I used the technique in answer 1 (web connect) to get started. Worked OK.

      Also, my Quicken Deluxe doesn't download NFCU transactions if I start from the Quicken Home page One Step Update. I have to go to one of my NFCU accounts and then use ACCOUNT ACTIONS / UPDATE NOW to get updated transactions.

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