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I FOUND THE ANSWER ON THIS FORUM:  I solved it by Edit Security, then changing stock symbol to dummy symbol. deSelect Copy prices Select Delete Prices. I then repeated and changed the stock syumbol back to the correct one and it's fixed.  Thanks all for you help..
  • Quicken 2011 Deluxe. Has worked fine.  Last night two mutual funds lost all price history and will not allow manual update, or downloads of quotes or quote history.  BuzatHome's suggestion works:
    For each security that has lost its history and will not allow updating:
    Edit Security, change last letter of symbol or something bogus (e.g. z or 1); do NOT copy historical quotes, check "Delete Quote History".  
    After it does its thing, Edit Security, change symbol back to correct symbol, then again, uncheck "Copy historical quotes" and do check "Delete Quote History".  
    After it does its thing, Update, Quotes, then Update Quote History for that security.  It works!
    But, I am concerned that this apparent corruption occurs out of nowhere and a full file validation and repair did not detect or fix.
  • I had same problem today, with Q2010, & was also able to fix it by changing the symbol, changing it back, and downloading historical prices again.  But I've used Quicken for years and never had this happen before, so I am also concerned that there's an issue with the downloads that intuit needs to address.
  • Thanks for the post.  We have put up a containment FAQ in order to collect a Quicken system file necessary to determine the actual cause of this issue.  Without those logs, we can't determine the cause and prevent it from happening again.  And any work-around or resolution attempts made before we have the root cause may actually make matters worse - example, if this is caused by a corrupted cache on a Quotes server, this may recur repeatedly until we get it identified and resolved.

    Rather than going through any troubleshooting or work-around steps, please go to to sign-up and upload your quotes.var.

    BUZATHOME, any file you provide us will be useless for determining the cause on your system, because of your work-around to resolve, so please do not upload your quotes.var file but by all means provide your contact information so you can be notified when this is resolved.

If you have read all the posts in this thread (Like I'm sure you have) you know that NoWayJose said that there is are ways to get back your price history, and asked if anyone wanted to know how to do it.  No one has asked how to do it, so it seems that none of you want it.  So why are you complaining?

Pleas reead ALL the posts in this thread:
  • Yes, I read all of the posts!

    I restored from an older backup and then spent several hours removing duplicate entries from scheduled transactions.  What a lame process.  I can't believe it.

    Why didn't Intuit notify customers of this problem directly?  They don't have problems notifying me when they want me to buy a new upgrade.  Why isn't there and explanation of what they are going to do to ensure that this problem does not happen again?  Isn't that normal Total Quality Management, and communication with customers?  

    About 1/2 of my mutual funds stopped updating yesterday.  I tried to update today, and no update was available.  Did this problem happen again?  Anyone else experiencing this?

    Chris, do you work for Intuit?
  • No I don't work for Intuit, none of the SuperUsers do, we are just other users and have decided to spend some of our time helping others.  People that work for Intuit have clear tags like the SuperUser, but they say Employee.

    I haven't noticed any problems for mutual funds today or yesterday (for the ones I have) so I'm not sure what is going on there.

    As for notifying people and making sure it doesn't happen again.
    Well I can tell you that they only use the dialog messages when you start for marketing kinds of posts, and end of product support.  I'm sure there is a company policy that tells them what they send out.  The expect you to either go to Help -> Quicken Support -> Contact Us or here for help.  Given all the different products and versions I think this is really the only good way to do it.

    Part of the delaying of workarounds is their efforts to fix this.  The workarounds of restoring from backup and for deleting and rebuilding quotes were known on day one, but not the cause of the problem.  So in the announcement section Intuit did try to collect the information that was needed to find the problem.  After about a week of this, it sounds like they did find the cause, but the fix would take to long, so they then started suggesting people go to the workarounds.

    From what I can see the problem is starting at their service provider of quotes and some of their servers.
    I personally think they really need to look at their code for receiving quote data and such in Quicken, because there is no reason why a bad quote data should be accepted into Quicken, let alone corrupt all the data for that security.  Kathryn said in the SuperUser forum that they learned their lesson.  I certainly hope so.

    BTW I didn't give Intuit as much rope, I restored from a back up within 24 hours (I was also the first one to post that the problem existed).  Now all the workarounds were taking a chance without knowing what the problem is, and only lucky that it was a one time glitch.
  • "Why isn't there and explanation of what they are going to do to ensure that this problem does not happen again?"

    When this is rephrased to emphasize what it really means, it says: "when are Intuit employees, and the employees of its financial institution customers and its vendors, going to become perfect?"

    And the obvious answer is: never. The same answer as for every other human and every other company.

    And, lest you think to ask: no, I don't work for Intuit either. You should refrain from making such insulting comments.
  • Not sure how widespread (geographically or financially) this problem is but all my mutual funds stopped updating 2 days ago. Anyone have any insight into this problem? Is it the same as what happened in April?
  • Mutual funds prices are now in for up to May 20 but once again the non-updating problem is apparent this week (May 23-25)
  • I had the same thing happen to me 3-4 days ago for the first time ever....after 10+ years of using Quicken.

    Still not clear what to do to correct?
I had the same problem.  I deleted all historical prices & then updated new prices (per Quicken suggested solutions).  This corrected the immediate problem re: updating all quotes, but also changed some prior data.

After a couple of hours dealing with this problem, I decided to restore my backup file from 04/17/2011.  There were only a couple of entries made after this date, which I noted so that I could reenter after restoring my backup file.  

This corrected the problem without changing any prior data, or losing stock price data prior to 5 year limitation which occurs when you delete prior stock price history and then update.

I don't know if this will solve the problem that Quicken has in the future, but I know that I WILL BACKUP FILES ON A DAILY BASIS!  I have data going back to 1998 and I don't want to lose or contaminate it.
  • Quicken Tamara >> I have this problem too. My problem which occurred yesterday,  has not self corrected. It has occurred before in the evening update, but corrected itself in the morning. It did not correct itself today.

    The offending mutual fund is Fidelity - Strategic Advisors International Fund - FILFX.   Intuit seems to have a problem with the Strategic Advisors funds in general... they do not update until 7:20 PM ET

    On your website

    Earlier today a search indicated that the fund did not exist. Now at 10 AM CT is does exist. But the full complement  of Strategic Advisers funds is not shown.  I own 9 of them but only 5 or 6 show up when searching with key words: Strategic Advisors
  • Update to my previous entry.  Everything is still working great since I restored the backup on 04/17/2011, prior to the glitch on 04/19/2011-04/20/2011.  All mutual fund prices are updating as usual with no problems and reconcile to values from my brokerage account.
  • In January 2011 my Net Worth historical data for most of 2010 and before was lost.  This happened when I bought a several new securities.  Problem is still unresolved.

    There is a high probability that the problem/issue of this thread is the root cause of my net worth problem, which numerous interactions with Quicken over the past 3 months have not been able to resolve.   

    I have submitted my information as requested by Quicken to help resolve this problem, and, as a software engineer, have included the results of my research into the cause of, and correlations, of these two issues.
    Hopefully Quicken will resolve the problems shortly (has been 3 days so far, so they must be digging pretty deep seeking the software bug).

    Personally this has been extremely frustrating as I rely heavily on Quicken for investment decisions, and have devoted time and effort to restoring lost tags and memos when restoring from backups.
  • buzathome -- thanks for the tip. That seems to work fine. It is a wierd malfunction. I have 31 different investments and quicken messes up 2 of them rather randomly.
We have been advised by our service provider that the lost Price History for Mutual Funds was caused by a server upgrade at one of the farms and the issue was resolved on their end.

There is still a final step to be performed by Quicken users who experienced this problem in order to get the "final resolution".

There are 2 scenarios or "resolution procedures" that can be used, depending on which is the least painful for you:

1.  (Preferred) - Restore a backup from prior to 4/18/2011, when this server upgrade took place.  This will retain all of your existing history and any interim data would need to be re-entered or re-downloaded.  Translation: you may have to re-enter about a weeks worth of data in a file backup from 4/17/2011 (or earlier).

2.  If you don't have a fairly recent backup from before 4/18/2011 (ex: most recent that would apply is from January or February or even older), you can delete your Price History (QPH) in the current file and re-download Historical Prices.  The caveat here is that we can only go back as far as 5 years for updating Price History.  If you prefer to keep historical prices further back than that, the Restore Backup option is still a better solution for you.  Also, there's no way to delete the QPH for Quicken 2010 users - again, Restore Backup is the best solution for you.

If you are in Quicken  2008 or 2009, you can delete (or rename) the file with the same name as your Quicken Data File (QDF) that has the extension QPH, found in the same location as your QDF.

If you are in Quicken 2011, you can delete the Price History through File > File Operations > Validate and Repair.  Just click the Delete Price History checkbox.

Phenders4, this is not the cause of your Net Worth issue, which you state began in January.  This specific issue occurred late evening 4/18/2011, appeared in data files on 4/19 & 4/20, was resolved by late afternoon 4/20 and didn't occur after that.  Some Quicken users didn't notice it until after it was resolved, but it really had occurred a day or two earlier without them noticing.
  • "The caveat here is that we can only go back as far as 5 years for updating Price History."

    For those having backups of pre-Q2010 data, there is a way to get more of your price history back than just the 5 years ... and you can get the price history for securities that Quicken can't download prices for. [Obviously no newer prices than the date of your old Quicken price history data.]

    Post back if you're interested.
  • Yesterday (2011-04-26) I had a similar problem--not for mutual funds but for two individual securities. The security price would not update either automatically (by download) or manually (in the latter case, I could enter a new price, but when I pressed Enter, the price would revert to its previous value).

    I was able to work around the problem by manually deleting the last few prices from the history of each of the securities. Then the prices updated normally.
  • I can't believe that Quicken cannot come up with a better solution than what was posted on 4/26 by Tamara.  This is really bad.  I have been using Quicken and charting my net work and portfolio values since 1996.  Now I'm told to go back and find an old backup prior to 4/18, and manually re-enter all of my transactions over that time period or lose all of my portfolio data except for the past 5 years.  I really can't believe you would consider either of these an acceptable option to loyal long-term customers.  I am very dissatisfied.
  • I had the same issue.  I have submitted my information before I did the work-around, but couldn't wait for a solution.  I could have waited if it let me at least load manually.

    The oddest thing is that I have 4 different files and I had only one file that  had the problem.  The other files contained some of the same funds that wouldn't update and they updated just fine in the other files.  It was just in my one main file that I had problems.

    I don't know if that will help anyone, but I thought it was very strange and may help with a solution.
  • Todd8 - depending on the version of Quicken you are using (2010 or older for sure, possibly true in 2011 as well), if you downloaded Quotes for the day, you won't be able to manually edit the Price until the next day.
  • Similar to others here, after many years of no problems, the other day I found that several mutual funds had no current or historical quotes - their value dropped to zero in my register (Quicken 2011). Can't manually update the price quote either.  Ticker symbols are: VBILX, RERFX, MPSCX, USAUX.
  • I have been using Quicken for five years. I updated to 2010 last year. I have been unable to update quotes manually are by downloads for 13 mutual funds since about 11/3/11. All of the historical quote history is also gone.We need help from Quicken or anyone. This is a serious problem. Funds not updating are ABALX AMCPX SMCUX AGTHX ABNDX PGRWX TEPLX FAGIX RYVFX TAVFX UMBHX FUSVX PHSTX. PLEASE HELP
  • Same as the others.  I lost price histories for 4 seemingly random mutual funds (none the same as the ones mentioned by others).  The symbol change workaround did not work for me, and I can't override the price history manually.  I am using Quicken 2011 Release 7.  Intuit, please help!
clee and russellbri - you're both reporting a recent event on an old thread (started 4/19/11) for an issue that was resolved.  The most recent event (October 2011) is also resolved, but there are final steps required to be followed in order to get back to a "good" price/price history state.

Please see for the final steps.

FYI, if you're using Quicken 2009, 2010, or 2011, you may not be able to manually edit the historical prices if you have performed a Quotes update today (ex: update quotes at 8am Monday, you won't be able to manually edit the price until after midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning).  Since you talk about manuall updating prices, I wasn't sure if you were referencing this editing OR if you were saying that you click the Update Quotes button.
  • According to the latest update from Quicken, this has happened at least twice. Both of the solutions put a potentially-high burden on the user to correct the issue, depending on how quickly he noticed the problem and the amount of data in his file. I can understand it might be difficult to create fixes to correct for individual problems, but it would be a fairly simple matter to allow the user to delete the history of a SINGLE security and rebuild it, rather than the entire file.
" ... it would be a fairly simple matter to allow the user to delete the history of a SINGLE security and rebuild it ....".

It is fairly simple ... and already possible (to delete the price history for a single security).

Change the ticker-symbol. When Quicken asks what to do with the quotes for the old ticker, tell Quicken to delete those prices. Then change the ticker symbol back to its correct value.

[For uncorrupted price history, you can select all the prices (as you would select files in Windows Explorer) in the Security Detail View, Update Price History dialog and click Delete,]
  • Just had the same problem occur and it's now about a year later than when most of the material was posted.  Have been top to bottom on the Quicken support page, last step rebuild qph. Nothing works.  Has anyone found a real solution?
  • I am having the same problem on two accounts for Pepsico/PEP for approx 2 weeks and on one account for Prudential/PRU for 1 week. Mutual funds are not effected.
  • This just happened again this time on PBDDX.  The buzathome  workaround worked  - again.
  • This just happened to me as well for one of my Mutual Funds.  Workaround fixed it but clearly Intuit has not resolved this issue for over a year.
  • It just happened to me with HDB... And none of the solutions works!
  • It happened to me also with 5 mutual funds. The buzahome method worked for all the MFs!

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