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cc-501 error -- I called Quicken support and ...

I had been getting a cc-501 error trying to download my Citibank accounts for the past week.

Finally, I called Quicken support.
They said that they have made some changes in August to their servers and it impacted many bank downloads.
I don't know why August changes didn't cause a problem for me until October. Maybe they have been trying to fix the August errors and have now created more problems.

At any rate, they asked for my Connlog and OFX log files and will pass that to their tech team.
They said it would take a week to expect results.

Here is another annoyance:
I went to their support page and followed the path that said they would call me about my problem within 20 minutes.

Instead of calling, they sent me an email with an incident number and asked me to call them. They did not even include their phone number in the email. I had to go back to the web site to get the phone number.
  • I too have this issue only with a different institution. I had been receiving the CC-501 error for 4 days. I finally began a chat session  and the first person had it repaired for about 2 minutes. As soon as I concluded the chat it no longer worked. I deleted the account in hopes that starting over would be the answer. Nope - CC-501. Now I can no longer add a new account. New chat session and this issue has been pushed up the chain for a 7 - 10 day fix. We're talking 14 days potential that I can't access my account(s) through Quicken. What a bunch of crap!
Here is an update.
The Quicken Web Connect to Citibank is working today.
Q support said it would take 7 - 10 days to resolve the issue.
They actually fixed it over night. One day. Bad feedback from them. But, excellent service.
  • I have been getting this error for a couple of months now on MULTIPLE accounts. I tried all the fixes to no avail and contacted Quicken over a month ago.  they emailed me that it was fixed but I am still having the same problem.  What makes this even more frustrating is that they are not reading what I write.  In every communication with them I've listed all the banks that are giving problems and they keep replying as if it is just Wells Fargo. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall.  Their last communication after I again explained that it is MULTIPLE accounts was that they can no fix the problem with my Wells Fargo account and that I should log on to the account and manually download.  That's exactly what I have been doing with all but one of my accounts for the past three months. Does anyone have any experience with MS Money.  I'm fed up with Quicken and their lack of support.
  • I question whether Quicken support actually exists or cares in these matters with CC-501 errors.  For the past three days, they keep sending the same, outdated email fixes I've previously told them will not fix the problem with Bank of America,  On top of it, they have their troll super users pushing these same, useless fixes in these discussion boards.  It seems to me that Intuit is bound and determined to sunset this formerly stellar product since their acquisition of the inferior

    I hope I'm wrong and this kicks some diligence into support to fixing these CC-501 errors for all users.  In the meantime, I encourage all to consider evaluating a different software product, such as Moneydance or AceMoney as a possible alternative as I seriously doubt we'll ever see a Quicken 2013, let alone a bug free fix to 2012, or whichever version you're experiencing CC-501 or other errors.
  • Another update.
    It is true that the daily cc-501 error messages don't happen any more.
    But, new transactions are not being downloaded.
    The error messages are being suppressed. But the transactions don't happen.

    I have to go to the Citibank web site and manually download qfx files to get transactions.

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