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quicken for mac online banking

when will we get quicken online banking capability, similar to online banking with a PC?
  • Are you asking about Bill Pay or something else?  Can you clarify.  Thanks.
  • I am asking when will Intuit provide Quicken financial software where I can pay my bills, write checks, directly from my bank account.  Also, transfer funds online among my bank accounts.  I do this now with Quicken Deluxe on my PC.   I want to
    get rid on my PC and buy an Apple computer that will run Quicken online transactions just like the PC versions of Quicken.

    Question:  is this coming soon from Intuit?  If so, when?  If not, why?
  • I have been a long time quicken user and own almost every product from early 1990's. I am now almost exclusively MAC products. I would love the same product on my MAC so I can switch all my files over. I too would love to know if/when this product will be available? I will likely not buy another PC (or PC Quicken version) soon. Thanks
  • I have been using Quicken for many years.  Last year, I switched from a PC to a Mac, and I was very disappointed that I could not write and send checks directly from the checking account register on the Mac version of Quicken.  I reverted back to the PC version of Quicken and use Parallels on my Mac to access it.  Quicken has become difficult to use, because it takes a long time to open Parallels, then Windows, and then Quicken on my Mac.  I would like to stay loyal to Quicken.  It's a great program.  Are you planning to upgrade the Mac version to enable this feature?  Any chance we can  Quicken 2013 has this feature?
  • 13 days later, still no answer.

    YES, bill pay, and all the other features that were in the *real* MacQuicken before 2010.

    Even better question is *why* did they cripple MacQuicken even as the Win versions were not.
  • Are you asking about Quicken Essentials?  QE doesn't have Bill pay.  BUT There is now the fuller version,  Quicken 2007 for Mac that works on Lion and Mountain Lion.  You can buy it here….
  • Wondering if I can go backwards and downgrade from Windows 2012 (running via parallels) to the Quicken 2007 for mac.
  • Going from a Windows version to a Mac is not backwards.  It's a different program so you can't compare the year version number.
  • I was hoping to export my quicken 2012 data (windows version running on parallels) into the lion compatible quicken 2007.  Didn't work.   stuck with parallels.
  • I was a Quicken Windows user since the beginning (1980's).  In the last few months I switched to QEM.  

    I use my online bank bill paying capabilities.  I think it's more reliable for the family than expecting my wife to learn Quicken if something should happen to me.  Most of the bills are able to be set up automatically.  

    My recent move to Quicken Mac was a bit confusing, but after settling in I'm very happy with the "Essential" front end of Quicken for the Mac.  I suppose there is always room for improvement, but I look forward to not having to upgrade every year to questionable features.  

    The investment part of Quickens Windows was too much for me.  I tried to use it but it was never worth all the work.  The QEM version works just fine for giving me the essencial information I need.  Maybe a professional mac version for the mac would be good to really deal with online investing would be in order.  

    But I think bill paying, transferring money, and check writing is best handled through one's bank.  It seems to me you are adding a unneeded level of complexity.
  • I agree that the bank is the easiest way for me to handle the bill paying, etc, at least in my simple financial world.  Same for the extra features, most of which I didn't use.  The deal breaker for me with QEM was the lack of a calendar.   My budget is tight enough that I need to be able to see what recurring and/or one time payments and deposits will take place in the coming weeks/months so I can determine how much I need to keep on hand.  How hard could that be to add this feature?
  • I never used the windows calendar for future payment/deposits.  I either entered a one time payment manually at the date to be paid or set up a scheduled reoccurring payment.  They show up in the transaction window like a balance sheet   It took a bit to find the Mac way of showing future transactions, but it's doable.   I'm not at my mini Mac or I'd detail the process.    

    QEM reporting does not at first seem as robust as WinDows Quicken.  But after fooling around with QEM I think it has the ability to do all I used to do in WQ.

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