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How to delete massive number of downloaded transactions?

(Quicken 2009 for Windows)  My bank is going through some website changes. I tried to download transactions for the last two DAYS.  The website DUMPED nearly 1870 transactions from Sept. 2010 into that download.  There is no way for me to see how many transactions are in the download before it shows up for me to accept!   

As far as I can see, there is not a way to get rid of these besides Edit > Delete. > Yes...for each and every one of the 1869 transaction!
How do I delete this entire file that was downloaded?
  • What is the "Status" value (in the "Accept transactions ..." window) of the transactions"?  "New" or "Match"?
  • The status on all of them is NEW.
  • I had an online chat.  All I could do was to restore my file from a backup.
Before you do what Betsys suggests (and assuming we're talking about a non-investment account):

Add a dummy transaction to the register, put something in the Memo field to help you recognize it.

Do an "Accept All".

In the register "View" menu, select "Sort by order entered".

Then follow Betsys' instructions, selecting the "dummy" transaction (as the "first transaction") through the last transaction in the register.
  • I see no option to "sort by order entered"
  • "I see no option to 'sort by order entered'".

    If you were using Q2009, as the original poster was, you would have seen that option.
Highlight the first transaction
Scroll down and shift-left-click on the last transaction.
That should highlight ALL of them.\
then right-click and you should get a menu with "delete" as an option

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