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List of direct connect banks?

Under Online -> Participating Financial Institutionswe can browse individual FI and see what download methods each offers.Is there a pre-compiled list (in the Quicken software or elsewhere) that will list the institutions which offer Direct Connect? Web Connect?I ask because I want to see what my choices are for checking but am only interested in ones that offer Direct Connect, and I don't want to have to go thru the list one by one.Thanks in advance for your help.
    You need to go through the list one by one.Be advised that some FI's that offer Direct Connect may charge a fee for this convenience or may require a certain minimum balance requirement to waive this fee.
      Ugh, that's too bad.It would be nice if in each new version of Quicken, they could provide tabs under Online -> Participating Financial Institutionswhich indicated a list of Direct Connect FIs (current at the time of release). Better yet would be a list a Direct Connect FIs sortable by fees---so we could hunt for the free ones! _-)
        The fees are NOT listed in Quicken's list of Participating Financial lnstitutions. For that matter, there is no mention in the list that some FI's even charge a fee for direct connect.Quicken's HELP file does mention that certain fees may apply for using Direct Connect.
          Right, mine was a suggestion/feature request. Hence the "Better yet..."
            I currently use Wells Fargo and pay $3/month for direct connect.  I too wish there was an easy place to find out which banks offer it, and if there is a fee how much.  I don't know why banks aren't offering it more.. Bank of America now let's you put it your other banks' info into your online portfolio on their website, and the BofA website does sort of like a direct connect to all your other banks.. so why can't quicken do it the same way?
              MS Money use to offer a list of all FIs and how they connected. Why can't Intuit do that???

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