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One Step Update hangs/locks up, won't let me close Quicken

I've had this happen a few times since I updated to Quicken 2012: I run One Step Update, and it hangs at some point during the process.  I can't close Quicken because a box appears that says

   A One Step Update is in progress. Please wait until it finishes before exiting Quicken.

D'oh!  I have to use Task Manager to kill Quicken, and then all is well when I restart.  But killing the Quicken process makes me nervous, for obvious reasons.

The only pattern I noticed is that lately, Quicken has been popping up a new window when downloading information from three of my credit accounts -- I think the account in question is GE Money Bank, Barclay's Card, or maybe Capital One Bank.  The prompt says something like "Your bank is asking for additional information" and wants an email address.  I assume this is a new security feature, but since I haven't used any of these accounts in a while and there shouldn't be anything to download, I just press <ESC> or close the dialog.

That's what I believe causes One Step Update to hang.  It may also hang if I enter my address incorrectly or just pass up the prompt -- I really didn't feel like spending the time to figure this out.

Is anyone else seeing this -- and why does Intuit make it so hard to report a bug -- other than here?  I hope someone from Intuit looks at these messages/

If anyone's figure out a workaround, please post!

--- Uwe
  • Using Task Manager to kill the process should make you nervous.  Do a validation of your data file anytime you have to abnormally terminate Quicken to make sure that something wasn't corrupted.
    File - > File Operations - > Validate
After validating your Quicken data file, do an Account Actions / Update Now for each of the three accounts you mentioned above. Follow the prompts and answer any questions. That should solve the issue and give Quicken what it needs to do successful One Step Updates for this bank again.
OTOH, if these accounts are totally inactive and you are not going to need them again any time soon, remove the accounts from One Step Update: Go into Edit Account Details, click the Online Services tab and then click the Remove from One Step Update button.
  • Thanks for the tip about validating the file -- I did that and it apparently didn't find any problems.  I say "apparently" because it closed the file, crunched for a while and when I came back, the file had been reopened.  A message saying "success!" would be handy.

    Regarding updating the three accounts that ask me to enter an email address (two GEMoney and one BarclayCard), I've already done that more times than I can remember.  Entering my email address has no effect.  Today, I went to the GEMoney website and logged into those two accounts.  For each account, it asked me to enter my email address and said it was going to remember my IP address and not ask me again.  I did that, logged out, and logged back in and wasn't asked a second time.

    I will assume Quicken is accessing the website, either with a web service or directly, and is encountering the same prompt.   My guess is that they are not accepting a cookie or sending the email correctly because when I enter it in response to the Quicken prompt, the download still fails.  The Barclay account was different -- I was not asked for my email when I logged into that, but Quicken still asks me anyway.

    I did not want to risk damaging my Quicken file, so I did not bypass the prompt today.  I believe that's what causes Quicken to hang during the update.  If you answer the prompt, it simply fails to download and an error appears in the update window, suggesting I retry.  When I do, the same thing happens.

    Finally, one more new behavior: I changed my PayPal password a few weeks ago and Quicken has not been able to download since.  That error was swamped by the ones above, so I didn't notice it until today.   I entered my updated password in response to the PayPal prompt, and Quicken says "Quicken has encountered an error and needs to close."; it then asks me if it's ok to send a report to Intuit. It's done this three times now, so the reports are stacking up..  Hopefully, it's not damaging the data file when it exits via this path.

    So I guess I'll wait until someone with more influence than me notices that GEMoney and Barclay can't update anymore, and PayPal just outright causes crashes.  I'll look forward to that next Quicken update and hope it doesn't break something else.

    P.S. I forgot to add that I don't want to remove these from One Step Update because I want to keep an eye on the accounts -- that's how I'd find out if the accounts get hacked.  I'd close the accounts, but know from past experience that this is hard to do (a bank will keep the account open, hoping I'll come back); also, reducing the totality of one's credit line is not good for one's credit score.  I wouldn't have to worry about these at all if Quicken would just keep an eye on the for me, like it used to.
  • Add me to the list of those that have had this issue with Quicken 2012.  It locks and must be closed with Task Manager.  This has continued after the latest update from Quicken.
  • I was having the same problem after I upgraded to H&B 2012 R4. All I use the One Step Update for is to get stock quotes. Seeing the above track I went into the Setting Option on the One Step Update and cleared the checkmark on all stocks except thgse that are in my current portfolio. Viola! It runs like it should.
  • I'm having this same problem after upgrading to 2012 Premier last week.
    It completes the update then freezes. Worked fin for 2010 and 2011 versions.
    Only way out is to kiil with task manager. My laptop is Vista 32 bit
    Very annoying.....
  • I had the same problem after being forced to upgrade to Quicken 2012 from a perfectly good version of  Quicken 2009 by Quicken's @!#$%^ forced upgrade policy.  One step update insisted on attempting to download financial data for two institutions that I hadn't, and didn't want to, set up for automatic downloads.  I tried disabling one-step update for the associated accounts using the steps describe above, but, when I tried to disable one step update for those accounts, Quicken then took me through a Wizard for setting up a new account.  Completely broken.

    My solution was to download quotes directly from the Investments page.  There's an Update button near the upper-right that gives you the option of downloading only quotes.
  • I too have had QW2012 hang after performing an account update.  When that happens I use Process Explorer to "kill" qw.exe -- better and easier -- than task manager (ctrl-alt-delete).  I have found a work around to this Quicken hanging problem.  Rather than using the collective account update, i.e. updating all my accounts at once, I use individual account updates (ctrl-alt-u).  Since you only exter the vault password once per session I find this easier than having to "kill" Quicken and restart it.  Quicken does not hang performing individual updates.

    I am a long time Quicken user and I use Windows XP SP3.
  • Q2012 sucks period.
  • If intuit cared they would have already admitted and resolved this issue.
  • I didnt upgrade and am running Quicken 2010 Home&Business.  Same issue.  One Step Update hangs trying to communicate with Quicken.  Its not a 2012 issue.
  • Like BobDaFish, I am running Quicken 2010 and have had this problem for the past several weeks.  The only way to prevent the program is to uncheck the box next to "Update My Porfolio on"  All other accounts update without a problem.  For me, this problem is exclusive to the Portfolio Update on I have tried innumerable combinations of portfolios and stocks to update with no change.
  • I've recently upgraded to H&B 2012 and I'm having similar problems to those reported by DropMan.  It only hangs when downloading stock quotes.  Banks and credit cards are no problem.  The status bar on top of the window indicates that the quotes were successfully updated, however, the action never completes and closes the window.  I have tried screening out stocks, mutual funds, bonds and other securities that might be problematic but the problem still persists.  I have no option but to invoke Task Manager to kill the program.
  • Add me to the list of individuals with the problem.  I have been using Quicken since the 90's and have been updating on line for at least 10 years.  No problems with 2011 but upgraded to 2012 Premier and has gone from periodic hang ups to every time.  Info downloads but then program freezes and have to use task manager to kill. I then reopen and information is there to download.   This happens every time.  I have validated the files, readded the passwords, etc, etc but nothing seems to work and it is only getting worse.   Help,  this is unbelievable!!!!!!
  • bob17412:
    You need to contact Intuit's Customer Support at:

    Saying "Add me to the list" does nothing for you.  Intuit/Quicken need to be made aware that you are having the problem.  They may have a solution that is not well publicized yet or is specific to your combination of hardware/software/financial institutions.

    You won't know until you make that contact.
  • Add me to the list.  Just updated to 2012.  One Step Update just gets hung up on my credit union update and stops.  It just sits there.   There is no way to stop the update.  There is no way to even close the program.  So you have to use task manager.  I hate doing that especially  since I have 25 years of data in my data file.  Quicken do something.
I've had the same problem with Quicken 2012 Premier -- freezes after One-Step Update completes.  I must use Task Manager to "End Task."  I then restart Quicken and all is well for the remainder of the session.

Here's the workaround.  Before starting the update, click on "Settings," uncheck "Get quotes and investment information" and then do the update.  This has worked for me consistently.

Once a week, I do the opposite.  Uncheck "Financial Institutions," check "Get quotes and investment information" and do the update.

It seems as if doing the two things independently works.  Doing them simultaneously sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.  The pattern for me is this: when I have no downloaded transactions for my primary account (the one that you've selected to appear by default when you start Quicken), the freeze doesn't occur; when I do have transactions for my primary account, the freeze does occur.

Seems as if his should be easy for the Quicken folks to find and fix, but it has been reported many times by many different users since Quicken 2012 first came out (some seem to have had the problem with previous releases, but I didn't) and it's still there.  This is a MAJOR problem for quite a few users, but it has been allowed to continue for a long time with no indication that a fix is imminent.

Hope this helps.
  • ElderEagle:

    An alternative to changing what One Step Update settings are, have the settings set to just do the Financial Institutions and when you want download to the "Get quotes and investment information", use the Update - > Quotes selection (upper right section) on the Portfolio window.  It will save you from changing the settings back and both.

    I use Quicken 2011 and have never had a problem with lockups when other users have and it just could be that I never do a transaction download and a price update at the same time which is what you have discovered works for you.

  • Splasher:

    Excellent suggestion.  I'll do that.
  • ElderEagle:

    I ALWAYS include the price update in a OSU and do not have the problem being described.  Also the point about "primary" account seems strange to me.  Are you saying you have tried making another account, one with a different FI, the start page account and seen the behavior switch?
  • BOBL_2:

    I had always included the price update in a OSU and never had a problem until Quicken 2012.  After I installed 2012, the problem always occurred under the circumstances I described.  When I stopped doing the simultaneous price update, the problem vanished.  No, I didn't change the start-page account to see if the behavior changed.  I found my workaround and just went on with my life.
  • I have the same problem with Quicken 2012, now R5.  I've been a Quicken user since the beginning and have not had this problem until Q2012.  I have just inactivated all of my One Step Update accounts and still Q2012 hangs when I do an update for quotes only.  I have also been force to use Task Manager to close Quicken.  This needs a fix by Quicken.....users should not have to nactivate and reactivate accounts to work through a bug.....even if it works (but it doesn't)!
  • Having been in computes my entire career, Part of that spent at PARC, I'm now retired.
    I resent the fact that we have to contact customer support to report a problem.  If they have a proactive customer support, they should be hawking these forums and fixing potential bugs with out the user comunity having to hit them over the head with a 2X4 to get their attention.  If they don't get their act together, they'll just drive off to another finantial tool.

  • Same problem here... locks up after hanging on Barclays. I had to upgrade from 2009, which didn't have a problem. Tried to remove from auto account and re-add, no luck. It sucks when you are forced to buy something that doesn't work for something that did work. Not great, but worked.
Latest version of QW 2012 (R7) has fixed the problem.
  • I have the latest version R7,  however I have the problem of the update saying its "successful", but the update window not closing and allowing me to work with the software. This happens if I try to use the software in the morning after my computer has "slept" overnight and I have reopened it.

  • I just downloaded the latest Quicken 2012 from   It installed OK (on a fresh box), but then hung during the update.  Oh wait ... it just completed!  That was about a 20-minute 'update'!
  • No, it doesn't. I purchased R7 from Amazon, and I've just disabled OneStep updating because I can't get it to work consistently without hanging. NOT FIXED!!!
  • THERE is STILL a  problem in  March of 2014!      Updated today from the outdated 2010 version to not-so-new 2012 because of a need to prep for taxes. BUT>>> Due to repeated  trouble with 2012, (now, @ R7, it would have been better to hand enter ALL bank data !   I do recall that Quicken 2012 was extremely  problematic, a year or so ago, when I installed  it on my laptop.   Latter, version.  2013 worked.   In both cases, neither usage was a fresh install. Both were upgrades from an EXPIRED ability  to do updates from  financial accounts. LEF

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