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What are the differences in Quicken home & business 2009 and 2012

    With Quicken 2009 your online services will expire April 27th 2012. You will be able to continue to use Quicken 2009 after that time but you won’t be able to do online banking nor will that version be supported by Intuit. IF you do not do online banking with Quicken and Quicken 2009 meets your needs then you might just opt to stay with Quicken 2009 for another year or so.  If you do online banking then you have no choice but to move to a more current version regardless if the differences.
    • Some differences that I have found between Quicken 2010 and Quicken 2012 are a lot of what I thought were glitches that might be fixed but that Quicken customer service says are the way that the program is designed to work.  I assume that means that they are design flaws that will not be fixed.  For instance, if you choose the option to have the Enter key advance to the next field, it works in the accoun register and the reconcile register, but in the window that pops up when you start to reconcile an account Quicken 2012 is "disigned" to still only use the tab key to advance to the next field.  So, you get used to using the enter key, which I find much more convienient than the tab key, but the when you are entering the new account balance, etc. in the pop-up window or dialog box and if you use the enter key it closes that window and puts you into the reconcile register before you have entered all of the required information, so you have to click on the button to exit reconcile and restart the process over again.  There were also a lot of stock symbols in my accounts that Quicken 2012 does not recognize and splits that it can't figure out that I had fixed years ago.  Quicken 2010 picked up the fixes from the QDATA file of the previous version, but Quicken 2012 does not, and I will have to go back over 15 years to repeat fixes that I had taken care of 10 -15 years ago.  I find more flaws in Quicken 2012 every day.  I've used Quicken for over 15 years and Quicken 2012 is so bad that it has completely destroyed my confidence in the brand.  I strongly suggest upgrading to the current version of another brand of financial software when it becomes necessary to upgrade.  It will not be any more hassle than upgrading to Quicken 2012, and the current Intuit software design team is evidently incapable of producing a good product anymore.

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