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How to transfer/merge two different files into one file using Quicken 2012?

Just upgraded to Quicken 2012 using Windows XP.  I was successfully able to merge my individual file ((including all account types (that I have), such as, checking, savings, etc. except for investment types)) into my girlfriend's (wife's) file.

I used the Quicken Transfer Format (QXF).  Clicked File, File Export, Quicken Transfer Format (QXF) and followed the instructions.  I did create a new, separate master destination file from my girlfriend's individual file because I am paranoid.

Process was faster than it took to download the software upgrade.  Repeated about >10 pop-up prompts telling me that I had a duplicate category.  Did not tell which ones and only let me click ok.  Also, after the duplicate category pop-ups it had a series of <10 pop-ups asking "Is this existing transaction in account X the same as the transfer you just entered?"  Did not show me any transactions I just entered, but did give small details about "this transaction" (date, payee, category, amount).  I answered no just in case because I could not see both transactions.

Still have to review and double check every thing, but balances were correct and there appears to be nothing strange or frustrating.  Probably took me longer to post this than to do the merge.

    When you import and get the errors on duplicate categories you can find out the categories in the log file, use it to fix these you have to go back to source QDF and rename the categories.

    To fix the duplicate category problems you are going to go to a backup of the QDF before the import of the QXF so that don't duplicate the imports again.

    Now do the export/import again, and then you can go into the categories and merge your renamed categories into the ones you want, and optionally delete the category.
    • Thank you for the input.  That worked fine.
    Update to merging files in quicken 2012.  The files merged did not include my scheduled bills and deposits or my loans.  It did transfer my loan accounts as a liability account, but not as a "loan" associated with the liability.  Small price to pay.
    • Yeah it is not a "full export/restore", but it is at least something.

      Things that will not transfer:
      Investment/business accounts.
      Saved reports.

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