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My Barclays Bank Credit Card

In my Quicken 2010, I can not download transactions for my  Barclays credit card.   I have changed to make sure it is set correct.    Quicken 2010 does log into the Barclay Bank account but it is unable to process it with any data.  I can log in correctly with my credit card's on-line web site with the same username and password.  Called Barclay  Bank and they do supoport Quicken 2010.  Please advise what I can try.  I can send you a screen of the error in Quicken that basically says:  login information is incorrect.  Thank you.  John Kuzmich, Jr.
    I don't have a definite answer, but I too cannot use One-step update with my Barclay's card account.  I CAN download transactions from the account, however.  After I investigated, I found that when I  set up Quicken 2010 for One-Step, Barclay's had sent something that replaced my account number (shown in the Quicken account details page) with the words "Credit Card".  By deactivating One-Step and manually editing the account number, I could revert to the original state, where I could initiate downloads from the Barclays site.
      Tried to follow DaveBK's suggestion re decativating One Step and manually editing the acct. number. Can't figure out where to do this in Essentials for Mac. Any more suggestions?
      • I am having the same problem with Barclays Bank after several months of using it to download. My account number was also changed. I edited it and changed back to my account number but when I updated, the same thing happened and my account number was changed to "credit card" again. I get a standard message from Quicken saying "they are aware of problem..." but this has been going one for at least a week. Anyone successfully downloading transaction from Barclays? I have a LLBean credit card with them and it was fine until last week.
      • I have the same issue as tommac180, although my account number still appears correct in Quicken 2009.  

        Error Information
        What happened? During the last online session, Quicken encountered an online error [CC-501].
        What does that mean? Quicken encountered an error while updating your accounts as the result of an error on the Quicken server. The Quicken team has been notified of this error and is working to resolve it.
      • For some reason Barclays Bank (LLBean) is requiring Quicken to enter the answer to our Secret Question in order for it to process.

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