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How do I get my 401(k) contributions from my Paycheck to show up accurately in my 401(k) register? Quicken 2007 Mac

I have weekly paycheck setup. Each week I have Employee and Employer contributions. These show up in my 401(k) register but only as the exact amount of the contribution. When the share price changes on the investment nothing in the register ever changes.

There’s no accounting for loss or gain in the account. Shares and share prices are not displayed.

Comment on this forum: Also, what is going on with this horribly formatted and only simple search (no advanced search) in this forum? Mac isn’t even listed as a platform. I thought the guy was here to prove Intuit actually knew they had Mac customers.
    I don't know about the Mac version but in my windows version the 401K contributions just go into the 401K account as cash.  Then you still need to go into the 401K account and buy the shares with the cash accumulated.  Hope this helps.
    • Volvo girl, I’ll try that. What’s your strategy there? Do you manually enter a transaction to buy shares each paycheck? If so, what do you do to calculate the amount of shares you buy? Do you log in to your finical institution to find out the data? I’m looking for an easy way to keep the market value accurate.

    • My methods are old.  I have never downloaded anything and am still on Windows Quicken 2004.  But what I do is wait for the quarterly 401K statement and enter all the transactions from it.  There are the buys and interest and account fees.  Since I don't download the investment activity I have to wait for the statement to see how many shares and at what price were bought with my contribution.  Someone else will have to clue you in to a more efficient and modern way.

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