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Quicken 2007 File Errors. "Cannot Validate" and "Cannot open because it is damaged". Tried all solutions on website.

Please help,

I just rebuilt my PC and reloaded Quicken 2007.

Opening my current Quicken files into Quicken 2007, which were saved on an external hard drive during the rebuild, results in two errors: "Quicken cannot validate this file" and "Quicken cannot open the file because it is damaged." Thus, I started researching a solution on the Intuit website.

I found a few, and tried them all.

I have tried to restore from a backup copy, but no recent backup would load. Same error. The only backup that would load is from over a year ago (ouch!). The naming on my backup files are different from 2010 to 2011, possibly with the upgrade to Quicken 2007. The 2011 file name includes the date and time as I selected it to have, but it has no supporting files around it and Quicken will not load it. I've listed the file names below.

2010 Backup File Name (which will load): QW20081.QDF  (+ other supporting files with it)
2011 Backup File Name (which will not load): QW2008-2011-02-08.PM11.51.QDF-backup (no supporting files)

I removed Quicken 2007 and loaded Quicken 2004 and tried to load the current file and restore backups, again no access to the file. Same error.

I have tried to resolve this for hours but I always get an error that both my Quicken files and my backup files cannot be validated and/or cannot open because they are damaged.

This is a critical issue since it holds all of my families financial information.

Please help,
Darren :)
    Is your copy of Quicken up to the latest release for that version?
    Follow this link to get the latest release patch for your version.

    • Thanks splasher,

      My version of Quicken is "Quicken 2007 R5". As far as I can tell, release 5 is the most recent update for Quicken 2007.

      On additional note on the backup file names.
      My more recent backups with the long filenames such as "QW2008-2011-02-08.PM11.51.QDF-backup"
      are not even recognized by Quicken. They do not show up in open box at all. That is why I cannot restore them.

      Thanks for your help,
      Darren :)
    Try doing a supervalidate - same as validate but hold down the shift & ctrl keys

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