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Convert Quicken for Mac 2003 data for import to Quicken 2007 Lion

I have really old Quicken data going back many years in Quicken Mac 2003.  I want to get it into Quicken 2007 Mac for Lion.  Possible?  How do I do it?
    • So, the article says it can't be done.  There must be a path.  Can I output the 2003 data to a QIF file then import that into the new 2007 for Lion?
    • Dear Quicken Tamara,

      If you had bothered to read the article at the link you gave nsdsmom, you would know you didn't answer the question.
      I think Quicken needs to install an "Idiot answer" button just below the "send thanks" button.
    • Romeisburning - Please take a moment to read the last paragraph topic on that article, as it does answer the question.  Quicken for Mac 2004 and older cannot be upgraded into Lion Compatible Quicken 2007.  Thanks for your comments.
    • What about upgrading Quicken for Mac 2003 to either 2005 or 2006, and then upgrading that version to 2007 for Lion? That said, Quicken Tamara, where can we get Quicken for Mac 2005 or 6? eBay has a copy from time to time but it is prohibitively expensive. I'm sure there are more than a few of us in the same boat.
    • Any Intuit-endorsed solution would have been posted on that FAQ.  That said, you've identified the potential solution of getting a copy from an outside source (eBay, Amazon, Craigs List, accountant, etc.) but remember that any conversion would have to be performed on a Leopard or Snow Leopard with Rosetta installed (to handle the 2004 or older app), Quicken for Mac (non-Lion Compat version) 2005/2006/2007 and your current version (2003 for the OP, yours may vary).

      Any data issues that might occur when making that conversion would have be resolved by the Quicken User, as this is not an Intuit-endorsed solution, so that's another consideration to be made before venturing out to buy additional applications from 3rd parties.

    • So, can someone tell me if it's easy and reasonable to move 2003 data directly into Mac 2007 on a Snow Leopard machine? Then I can do the Lion upgrade on my machine and then the 2007 Quicken Lion shift.
    • nsdsmom. Hopefully I'll have an answer for you in a few days. I've located a copy of Quicken for Mac 2005. I plan to back up my Quicken 2004 files, install, run, and upgrade my Quicken 2004 files to Quicken for Mac 2005. Then I'll upgrade from Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) to Lion (OS 10.7). Next I'll purchase Quicken 2007 for Lion and see if I can open and save my 2005 files with Quicken 2007 for Lion.
    • HousyRunner - thanks so much for keeping me posted.  Somehow, I have this feeling you need to get to Quicken Mac 2007 on Snow Leopard before you jump to Quicken Mac 2007 Lion.  My thinking is that there may be some data munge in a convert of the QIF file from '03 to '07, but it's worth a shot.  I haven't been able to find a copy of '05, '06 or '07 for under $150.  Really sucks.

      I have converted my data to iBank and all seems fine.  I don't do a lot of investment tracking though - it's basic cash flow management in our house.  I keep thinking I might be able to pull a convert from iBank back to Quicken Mac 2007 Lion?  Not sure.  That's risky.  But they all use QIF, so why not?

      Keep me posted on your success.
    • Got a copy of Quicken for Mac 2005 today and attempted to load it on my Intel Mac running OS 10.6. Mac complained that it couldn't install the software because it didn't have the "Classic" environment. Turned to my older PowerPC G5 Mac running OS 10.5 and got the same response--that I couldn't open Quicken because the Classic environment wasn't supported. Curious because while Classic environment ran on OS 10.4, was discontinued in OS 10.5, my Intel Mac, running 10.6 has no problem running my Quicken for Mac 2004. So Quicken 2004 runs in both Classic (OS 10.4) and non-Classic (OS 10.6) environments, but Quicken 2005 ONLY runs in Classic?  I'd like someone to explain that to me.

      What's really needed here is clear upgrade instructions, including pre-requisites. I suppose I could load 10.4 on my PPC Mac and then see if I can upgrade to Quicken 2005.  And even if I can get to Quicken for 2005, what will it take to get to 2007 Lion? Do i need the 2007 non-Lion version first and then port my data to the 2007 Lion version?
    • I also purchased iBank and imported my Quicken 2003 files without issue. I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't be able to at least import your Quicken 2003 data into another Quicken product. Is it not possible to export the data from 2003 and then import it into 2007? I prefer Quicken to iBank.
    • HousyRunner - did you happen to solve the problem? I just ran into the problem with Quicken 07 for Snow Leopard that I just bought off ebay (only to use as intermediary to get to Lion so I can get the whole system to Lion). I have an older PPC as well but that may be running Snow Leopard as well. Did you solve the 2005 install problem? Thanks
    Install Quicken 2007 on Snow Leopard, open your files, quit Quicken 2007.  Contrary to Quicken Support's info, it *does* open Quicken 2003 files, I just did it.  Clearly it should open more recent files too, but mine were 2003.  Then Quicken seems to automatically update and re-save them.  Now the file(s) can be opened (not imported) with Quicken 2007 for Lion.

    Yeah, it's actually really easy, provided you have both a Snow Leopard and a Lion system, and the two corresponding Quicken 2007's.  

    Oh, the Lion version is available for $15 on the Quicken website somewhere, and Support will give you a link to the Snow Leopard version I think.
    • I see comments here about installing Quicken 2007 on Snow Leopard in order to open a Quicken 2003 file, but I already have Lion loaded on my Mac. Is there any way I can open Quicken 2003 on Lion? Quicken says, "File conversion is not possible for Quicken 2004 for Mac and prior versions." So what do I do with 10 years of financial data in my old Quicken file?
    I was able to convert my 2003 Quicken files to Quicken 2007 files in Lion.  There are several steps.  You need two computers, one with snow leopard and your original quicken files, another computer with Lion; you also need two different versions of Quicken for Mac 2007 (old version) and the newer Quicken 2007 for Lion.

    You can find the old version on line (and I may post mine on Ebay) and the new version from Intuit for $15.

    Install Quicken 2007 for Mac (Old version) onto your computer with snow leopard and your Quicken 2003 files.  You can then convert your 2003 files to 2007 files (old version).  Copy your data file (i.e. the file with your quicken accounts) and put the copy on the computer with Lion.  Install the updated version of Quicken 2007 for lion and it will open the data file copy converting it to Quicken 2007 for Lion.

    Have faith…there is a way.  BTW, a Quicken customer service rep in New Delhi talked me through the installation and conversion.  

    Good luck.  (this answer was posted earlier; I am just giving a little more detail.)

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