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How do I change the account number for an online payee

My account number has recently changed for a online payee which I have been using for several years. I have logged into my banks website and updated the account number there. How can I change the account number associated to this online payee in Quicken 2011?

As a former user of MS Money this was a simple and intuitive task but I cannot find any method of accomplishing this in Quicken.

    Ok, I ran into this same issue, Quicken 2011. Account number changed on a credit card and in order to change the account number, you must delete the Online Payee and recreate it.  But like the others with this situation, I ran into the same cannot add a new Online Payee with a new account number without adding text in the Description field.  No offense, but what the two respondees here (NoWayJose adn BillArf) don't seem to understand is that when you add the description, that gets concatenated with the Payee Name field and goes out as the Payees name, and WE DON'T WANT THAT.   So i did find a way around this.  First delete the payee from the Online Payee List.  Then deleted the Payee from the Memorized Payee list. Then add the new Payee using the "New Payee" button from the Memorized Payee List screen, type the Payee Name you want to use (in my case the SAME PAYEE NAME AS BEFORE). and select Online Payment as the Type of Transaction.  Select the category (in my case the credit card account),  When you hit Ok, the panel to create an Online Payee will appear. Enter the Payee information, address, account number and phone as necessary, and Quicken will accept it (did in my case).   And now I have the Online Payee with the SAME NAME as before with the new account number.  

    And yes I am a software developer and network engineer.  And the way Quicken is handling this is ABSOLUTELY ARCHAIC for software in this day and age.  You should be able to just change the account number without all this bull.  

    Hope this helps for anyone having this same issue.  

    • Thanks to LThibx.   I followed your suggestion and it ended up working out fine.  I'm not sure why, but when the panel to create an online Payee appeared, it was already populated with the information from the online payee that I deleted initially, following your step.  I was not able to go beyond this without entering a ("optional"?) description.  This was not a big deal for me since I didn't have a description for the original payee.
    • This didn't work for me, as I "did" have a description in my original payee. So, I'm stuck with having to add a bogus extra character in the description field. I agree with you LThibx; this is poor programming.
    So easy to add a new payee with the corrected account #, etc..  After all outstanding payments to the old payee name have been processed, you just delete the old payee.

    No, you will not be seeing an actual Intuit engineer responding here with "We have heard the request, recognize the need, and the correction will roll out in the next update (or whenever)".
    • To BillArf: As you instructed I added a new payee by using the original payee name, hitting tab (which brought up the pertinent info), then changing the necessary data. The only thing that stayed the same was the loan account number. So now I have a new payee with a duplicate loan number. Fine. Now I have to find the way to get the new payee to take the place of the existing payee on my loan.
      I then went into Property & Debt/Loan Details and using the "Choose Loan" button,  brought up the loan I need to change. The Payee name is still the original name so I click on "Edit Loan", but that only gives me opening date, balance, etc., and payment period; no name. I then click "Next". "Balloon Info", "Current Balance", and "Payment", but nothing to do with name. I click Done.
      I look under Tools menu; nothing that seems relevant. I go back to Prop & Debt; I looked at anything that looked remotely possible. Nothing.

      Bottom line: I can't find any way to change the name and address on an existing loan. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it's not as simple as you say it is.

      Any suggestions?
    • earlybirddad......    Do know that you can do a restore using your last data file set backup and you will be back where you were before you followed any advice here in this thread.

      The online payee that you just added can be seen in the online payee list with the other payee for that loan correct.  If you can't figure out which is which, the one that has a payment active is the one you cannot edit/delete. I still believe that after the payment is made in regard the old payee that you will use the new payee you just added after you delete the old payee.  I have worked quite a bit with the payee list but have not actually done the process you are doing. I have read about and heard it has been done successfully though.

      I really don't know how else to direct you on this.  IF you need to do a restore do it soon though so you are not left with a lot of catch up.
    • The inability to change payee account number in Q2011 is not just an inconvenience. It can result in serious transaction errors that cost money.

      I have used Quicken for over 19 years and have accumulated 5 CitiBank payees, because my credit card number has changed over that time. I just sent a payment to an old account (didn't catch my error when picking from the drop down list showing the 5 CitBank payees) and now I have to wait for the payment to post, call CitiBank when it does, and have them redirect the payment to the right (current) account.

      I'm fortunate to have noticed the error before getting hit with late payment and interest changes from CitiBank.

      Search and Replace for payee name makes the problem worse - it just changes the display name in the register, not in the payee drop-down list.

      Credit card numbers frequently change these days. All of my CitiBank credit card changes were initiated by Citibank and three of them (in the last 5 years) were due to vendors whose databases were hacked and credit card information stolen.

      This needs to be fixed in Quicken. If the Quicken database structure makes it too difficult to change account number, then at least provide an option to "hide payee" so that old accounts don't show up in the payee drop down lists
    • Jacc.............   Long time Quicken user here.  Possibly longer then you.  8-)   Anyway, over the years and more so over the last 3 or so years, I have had credit card number and account numbers change and I have dealt with this easily.  Looks like you dropped the ball so to speak and now have a confusing mess lets call it that is causing you to make errors as you mentioned.  This is not the case for me..    

      Quicken is not the problem here. Nothing to be "fixed".
      #'s can be changed it is just a matter of the user knowing how to do it / bothering to do it so things don't get out of hand.

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