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No Sound with Quicken 2012 Deluxe

I installed Q2012 Deluxe and now I get no sounds when making entries to the register, or anywhere else for that matter
    Turn on the Quicken Sounds:
    From the Quicken Edit menu, choose Preferences.
    Select Setup.
    Select the Turn on Quicken sounds checkbox.
    Click OK.

    Read here:

    • Thanks for the response BillArf,

      The Quicken sounds checkbox was/is checked. I went to the link you provided and tried everything there, still no sounds.  More ideas??
    • First off have you ascertained that your computer has sound in general?

      Do you have your sound MUTED on your computer or volume turned down so low that you cannot hear sounds?  Using a desktop computer, if so be your speakers are plugged in and turned on.  Were you gaming and have a headset still plugged in.... if so you will not hear sounds unless you have your headset on.   8-)

      Go to Windows Control Panel. There, go to Sound and then to Sounds.  Test sounds there.  You can scroll down the list of sounds there until you come to the sub listing entitled Quicken.  Test sounds there and other sounds.  Are you able to select a sound, test and hear that sound?

      If your computer just suddenly became unable to play sounds you can often quickly correct the issue by doing a system restore.
      This will often repair corrupted audio card drivers if such drivers have been corrupted, etc..  Guess there is always a possibility your sound card has died.

    • Sound is working on my 'puter.... I can hear CDs, YouTube vids.... etc.....

      I did the Control Panel thing you suggested..... I went to the listing Quicken and tested the sounds there.... when I test it...... I hear nothing.  At the same place I can test all the other sounds, just none of the Quicken sounds.  Weird!  :)  Ideas??
    • Double check to be sure you have sounds turned on in Quicken! Did you follow the advice in Intuit, Article ID: GEN82092 at the link I provided?

      If you hear the other sounds when you test then I believe you have a problematic install of Quicken and as a result no sounds in quicken. Uninstall and reinstall Quicken is what you would want to do.  After doing so retest Quicken sounds.

      I encourage you to uninstall Quicken by going to Windows, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and uninstalling Quicken. After this restart your computer and then use Intuit's, qcleanui to further remove all traces of Quicken from your computer. After you do this, restart the computer again. Turn off all virus protection and have it turned off for 15 min. or so before you do the reinstall of Quicken 2012. Be sure when you do the install, you install as administrator. When install completes do check to be sure you are at R4 / that verifies the R4 update was completed. Do know that it is paramount that you use qcleanui !

      Read here and follow instructions found there for your version of Windows:

    One thing I have noticed is that if you simply point Quicken to your data file after a fresh install you will not get any sound.  However if you instead restore from a Backup your sounds comeback.  Hope this helps
    • From time to time my Quicken sounds stop, don't know why.  The following sounds complicated, but it really is a lot less than uninstalling and re-installing the program!  

      I have found that the best way to restore them is go to "Control Panel>Hardware & Sounds>Change System Sounds".  Under "Program Events" scroll down to Quicken.  If no speaker symbols are next to the various Quicken program events the Quicken program cannot produce sounds.

      To restore them, click an event (say Activity Bar Item) then click "Browse".  On my system this opens the Windows Media folder, go to the sub folder "Sounds".  All of the Quicken sounds begin with a q.  Select "qabitem", then "Open" and you will note a speaker symbol is now next to the Activity Bar Item.  Press the "Test" button to check.  

      Repeat this procedure for all program activity sounds you want.  There are many opportunities to customize if you want.
      Hope this helps.
    • Thanks for the response GMFan. I've done as you suggest and find that all the Quicken sounds do in fact have little speakers next to them, but when I click "Test," there is still no sound.  Any more ideas???   :)

      Thanks for your time.
    • I found the same problem occurred when I chose a Windows sound theme other than the Windows default theme. To fix, I copied the quicken sounds from the Sounds folder within the Quicken data folder (location may vary depending on your choices when installing, but mine is in My Documents) and pasted them into the C:\ Windows\Media\[chosen sound theme] folder. All is well.
    • HiYa Carol67...... Sigh, I tried what you did with no success. See below what I am about to post:

      Sub:   STILL no sound in Quicken 2012 Release R & (

      I don't understand why this issue was set to "This post has been closed and is not open for comments or answers." Could it be that Quicken does not have a solution????

      The last post on the issue before it was closed was from "BillArf" and his message was: "Contact Intuit technical support.   8-)"

      Well, I spent well over 2 hours with Intuit technical support and they still could not resolve the issue.

      I still think it is a very subtle bug in Quicken that only affects a few machines/configurations and Intuit does not want to take the time to solve it. I'm running Win8 Pro on a Dell "STUDIO xps" box with tons of ram, 1 TB hd, etc....

      Oh yes, just to remind everyone, ALL of my other application that play sound work flawlessly.

      Any more ideas??

      Thanks for your time.

      I'll wait and see that gets any meaningful reply's.
    • JamesKB .... You have received "meaningful" replies. My guess is you are somewhat computer challenged and just can't let's say connect the dots yourself. Someone that has a clue and actual hands on your computer would be able to remedy this sound issue. Give me a few minutes hands on that's all it would take. I do not know what else to tell you other then find someone locally that is Windows savvy that can assist you.

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