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Unable to restore from backup.

I backed up my quicken files both to an external hard drive and to an online account. I was using Windows XP. I bought a new PC with Windows 7 and am unable to restore from either the external hard drive or the Online backup. Can any suggest a solution?
    On your new computer, have you reinstalled Quicken? Have you successfully updated your installed version of Quicken to the latest available fix release? Please click on Help / About Quicken and post your version (20xx) and release number (Rxx). For Quicken 2011, the release should be R8.

    Where have you been trying to restore your backed-up Quicken data files to? The recommended location for Quicken data files is in the My Documents folder under your Windows account ID, in a /Quicken subfolder.
    • The version is Quicken 2011 Premier Version R8 ( When I copied the file backup to the "Mydocuments\Quicken folder and attempted to open it, I got the message "Unable to restore". The only thing different is that I backed it up using Windows XP and am trying to restore it in Windows 7.
    What version of Quicken were you using on your old computer? The same version _and_ release of Quicken that you use now? Or an older version or older release of Quicken?
    If both machines are connected to your home network, you should be able to copy the entire contents, including subfolders, of your /Quicken folder to the new system's Documents/Quicken folder. This copies your live Quicken data file and all automatic backups to the new system. You should be able to open this copied file and access it without problems.
    If the machines are not connected to each other, you should be able to use Quicken to create a manual backup of your live Quicken data file to a USB - stick. Using Quicken, you should be able to use the File / backup and Restore / Restore - operation to access that USB - stick and restore your Quicken data file ... unless your old version of Quicken was older than Quicken 2003 (in that case, you need a special procedure ... )

    If all else fails, please contact Quicken Support (use the link on top of this webpage, then click the Contact Us button).
    • I have followed steps 1 & 2 from Quicken "To restore your file from a removable drive". In step 3 when I try to open Quicken from the USB I do not get "Quicken" but three seperate files including the QDF file.  They will not open. I do not get a file menu nor restore backup file.  I think the USB is trying to open the QDF with windows 7

      I am trying to back up on the USB to take to a remotely located computer not now available to me.

      I am using Quicken 2009, Windows 7 and Office 10

      (personal info removed)

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