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Quicken 2007 for mac keeps crashing.

It crashed when I deleted a new loan  and it crashes every time I try to open the business acct. If I press reopen, it opens my personal acct.
    When it crashes what is the exact wording of the message?

    • I can't answer the question, but I'm having the same problem.  Quicken2007 crashes often - doing normal things that it used to do just fine.   
      In years past with earlier software, I was told that i had too many transactions in my accounts and had to delete early ones.  I was hoping that was fixed...  They also had me delete a bunch of preference-type files that might have been corrupted.  
      Hope we get an answer from the super user.
    • SyracuseSlim,

      The "super user" is still waiting for Iva's reply to my request for more detail.

    • I don't remember exactly. I think it gave me the option to Ignore, Send Report or Reopen. When I reopened, it took me to my Personal Acct instead of the Business Acct which crashed. I have deleted my Business Acct and reloaded it from my backup. I had to enter some transactions which had been entered after the backup, but I am now able to use the acct.
    • It's also been crashing for me this last week doing several different operations.   Like you, I get no error report - just an "Ignore or Send Report" prompt.  When I restart Quicken, it rebuilds headers, etc and works for a while.

      Carl, should I be starting a different thread?  It just sounds like Iva and I are having a similar problem.
    Iva & Syracuse Slim,

    There are three things you could try:
     1. Rebuild the data file
     2. Trash the Quicken 2007 preferences file

    3. Export  your data file to QIF and Import into a new data file
    • i cannot find quicken preferences file? Where is it??
    Thanks Carl.  I'm going to assume that these three steps should be done in the order you gave them until something works.   Let me know if that's not what you meant.     

    Step 1 failed - when I went to save a copy of my data file after rebuilding, Quicken quit suddenly again.  I will try step 2 and report separately.
    • Carl:

      I have finally found my preferences file and trashed it.  So far so good.

      While i wait to see if this crashes again, a specific question:  Do you know if there is a limit to the size of your data file?  I was advised using an earlier version of Quicken for Mac (2006?  earlier?) that i had to get rid of old transactions - that my data file was too big.   I notice you did not suggest that solution, and i'm happy about that.  But last time, they did get me working again, and i haven't had a stability problem with Quicken for several years now...
    • SyracuseSlim,

      I've had the same data file since 1998. The file size is now 8.2 MB so I don't think size matters. :-)


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