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Quicken 2012 or Quicken Essentials?

What is the difference between the two, and the best option for a non-finance person, just looking to keep my check registers up and print up end of year reports for my CPA?
    There is no Quicken 2012 for Mac.  If you have Lion you can only use Quicken Essentials on it.  There is just one Quicken Essentials but I think they have been advertising it with the year like 2012 on it.  Even though it says QE 2012 there is just one version.
    • I know from your other question you are running 2002. What reports do you need to generate? Reporting is different in QEM-stock reports are very limited, but you do searching for reports now. Expand, and we can determine if QEM will fit your needs. In any case, it is the only Intel native option form Intuit.
    • To jrs8084 re: your second comment: I only generate pretty basic personal finance reports, and I work at home, as an independent contractor: i.e. supply expenses, consulting fee income, travel expenses, other varied home office expenses...I did indeed read some of the comments on your youtube site, that viewers were glad you expanded on QEM reports because they differ from older MAC versions. I am going to check out those videos once I get to that point. First I have to buy the QEM, and hopefully the conversion will work from my PowerBook G4 to my MacBook Pro. I am preciously keeping your info and youtube site on hand, because I can see me franctically contacting you for help in the very near future! Thank you so much!!!
    • If you have a self employed business you might check this QE does not have business features.  See this thread for info……..
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