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Navy Federal Credit Union

I'm new to quicken and trying to do the one step update but the problem is that my bank (Navy Federal Credit Union) ask for an account number, user id, and password at the login screen.  Quicken only ask for the user id and password.  How can I get around this to do the one step update?
    Found it in another post. Type in account number in first field. In the password field type in your user id. Then retype your user id.  A box will come up, and it will say navy fcu needs more info.  Then type in your real password ( the 3rd field) and you should be all set.  That is the way to set up all 3 fields and I had the same problem yesterday until I found that post today.  Email support couldn't explain to me how to set it up this way.
      This works for me -

      When you log into the NFCU website, you enter an ACCESS CODE, a USERID, and a PASSWORD.

      When you start the Quicken wizard to set up your OneStepUpdate service, first page is "Account Setup".

      Enter your NFCU ACCES CODE in the first field ("User ID / User Name") and enter your NFCU USERID into the second and third fields ("password" .... "Re-Enter Password").

      Click NEXT - you'll be prompted for your password.  Enter your NFCU PASSWORD here.

      The wizard connects to NFCU - detects that you (may) have multiple accounts at NFCU and asks which ones you want to include in the OneStepUpdate.
      • Just tried the suggestion by island8780, and it works fine for me -- it completely solved the problem of having to manually log on to NFCU using the three pieces of logon information NFCU requires.  Now all of my NFCU accounts are updated along with my Quicken credit card and other investment accounts.  Thanks very much, island8780 -- you've made my day!
      • Tried island8780's approach, too.  Worked, but not on the first try (which seems strange because I could swear I was consistent).  I've had these password issues act up on some financial institutions if I'm simultaneously logged into the account via the web and trying to hit via a banking application.
      • I have used island 8780 method numerours times and it only seems to work for a week or so.  I have given up on Quicken help.  In ten or twelve years they may have the experience as well as the know how but not now.
      having same issue, how to we set up quicken to work with a 3 sign on inputs (account #, user id, and password)????
        I have tried the instructions below, but its still not working correctly.  I have heard NFCU doesn't allow it to sync online is that true?
          Quote:" Navy Federal Credit Union: I have tried the instructions below, but its still not working correctly.  I have heard..."

          I've been an NFCU customer for over 40 years.NFCU has told me more than once that they do not support any other form of download but Web Connect.They do not support Direct Connect downloads and they do not support Express Web Connect downloads.I have tested this many times: NFCU does not support Express Web Connect downloads.
            Quote:" Navy Federal Credit Union: I've been an NFCU customer for over 40 years. NFCU has told me more than once..."When I first started the NFCU accounts. I first imported a web connect to start the accounts, then I linked the accounts to the online update using the method above.  Maybe you first have to import a web connect file so it enters your account info first.   Well, my one step online update for NFCU still works despite what people are saying.
              I am having the same problem. What I don't understand is why Quicken Online recognized the three-part login and is able to download the info successfully, but the local version of Quicken 2009 cannot! Half the appeal of using it goes out the window if I have to MANUALLY update my account every time.
                I have two seperate accounts setup in two different files within Quicken for NFCU.  One of the files works perfectly during a one step update, however the other file requires a manual update to quicken for each seperate NFCU account.
                  Quote:" Navy Federal Credit Union: I have two seperate accounts setup in two different files within Quicken for NFCU.  One..."I am having the same issues...I have used 2006 for years and had no problems, but when I downloaded 2009, the only account I can upload is my savings account. My CC account just sits there. I don't want to have to manually update my CC account. How can this be fixed?

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