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Password problems converting Money to Quicken

I'm unable to convert my Money Plus Deluxe file to Quicken 2010 because Quicken does not accept the Windows Live ID or Money passwords that I use to open Money. I reset the Windows ID password on line, but for some reason Money does not accept the reset password. Is there anything I can do to get around this password problem and save my years of data?
    I don't think it is Quicken that is rejecting your Money password.  Quicken actually uses Money to open the Money file (that's why you have to have the same version of Money installed that created your Money file), so it is most likely Money that is rejecting the password ... both in the Converter and (obviously) when you try to open the file directly with Money.

    If you can open the file with Money directly, you should be able to get the file open in the Quicken "Money Converter".

    I suggest you explain your problem to the Money experts in the Money forum, and see if they can help you to remove all passwords from your Money file ... or to do whatever it takes to get the file open.
    • Having exactly the same problem and did exactly what you did.  Reset password which is working but cannot get file to open in Quicken.  Also losing years of data!  Plus cannot even get in old Money files now so it is a total loss.

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