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How can I track my mortgage and auto loan (property and debt) and also use those numbers in my budget?

Here's my problem: I want to track my loans to see principal being paid down, interest paid, etc. and I want to see my mortgage and car payments as part of my monthly budget.

I have been unable to make both of these features work using Quicken Deluxe 2012, and hope someone can help me out.  I successfully set up the loan payments and bill reminders (although that had its own set of problems).  I have searched posts to see if others have found a way to do this, but still nothing.

The simplest solution of adding a budget category of Mortgage and Rent didn't work, since my mortgage payment is categorized as a transfer and interest payment.  Same goes for the Auto Payment category of the budget.

I tried creating a custom category in the budget, with subcategories of interest, homeowners ins, and prop. tax, and then a transfer to [House] for the principal.  The budget found the interest, ins, and tax, but didn't show any of the principal of the transfer.  Another problem was that the transfer amounts didn't count in the total $ tally.  Also, I was puzzled by the amount "left" unpaid for the transfer of principal- it showed that double the budgeted amount was "left", so budgeted was 145 and it showed 290 left.

Any help would be appreciated.
    The Principal payment on all loans is treated as a Transfer in Quicken.  On budget screen select "add a category to Budget" and click the down arrow on the box in middle of form.  Choose Transfers Out and then from the resulting list choose your car and home loans.  Now they will be on your budget report.

    I like doing this from the Advanced Budget Screen because I like the format better there, you actually see check marks by the transfers you want in your budget.

    Note though there is a BUG as reported in the link below on the bar graph for loans entered with splits.   It really does not effect the budget report as everything there shows up as it should correctly.

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