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One step update does not work


Started to use Quicken 2011 and found one step update would not work. Decided OK fine I'll get 2012. Bought it yesterday, still not working. I search here and find the best answer to be don't bother just do them one at a time...which works...but completely defeats the purpose.

If I click one step update the software SAYS it updated successfully but it does not. If I do it one account at a time it works fine. Clearly the problem is not my bank or my account settings or whatever... unless of course there is some setting which says act like your working but don't, lol.

Exact scenario...

1. Updating accounts individually works
2. When I click one step update, it goes through the motions: says it connects, shows the communications window, disconnects and with much happiness says it did its job
3. It updates nothing

Any ideas?

  • What financial institution(s)?
    What account type(s)? - banking, credit card, investing, etc.
    How are these accounts connected - Direct Connect or Express Web Connect?

    Be as detailed as possible with your reply, so that we can provide the correct response/solution.
  • @Tamara

    1. What financial institution(s)?
    1.1. Navy Federal Credit Union
    1.2. PNC Bank
    1.3. Flagstar Bank
    2. What account type(s)? - banking, credit card, investing, etc.
    2.1. All are banking: either checking or savings accounts
    3. How are these accounts connected - Direct Connect or Express Web Connect?
    3.1. I followed the wizard, I pay no fees, I do no pay bills directly… so I assume web connect? I am not certain beyond that.
  • One Step Update says it runs successfully for some accounts and it gives errors for others, but it does not actually update anything.  It is true for bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and loans.  I will not do this individually, someone at Intuit needs to put out a patch for this ASAP!
  • When I use One Step Update, it does not clear. Bank had told me it only works on Express Web Connect and it charges $5 or $10 dollars fee per bank for one step update. Quicken is the one that charges fees, not bank. It sounds like Quicken is doing bait and switch. I suggest not to use One Step Update.
  • wa4lrm - 2 points of contention:
    1. You're posting on a 1-year-old topic that has nothing to do with what you're experiencing;
    2. Quicken does not charge any fees for any financial institution connections. EWC is 100% No-Charge; Direct Connect (DC) is 100% controlled by the financial institution (FI), and is the only download service susceptible to a monthly fee. Wells Fargo Bank charges $3.99 to $9.99 monthly for DC, for example, so many of us use EWC to connect for free.

    To prevent you from getting lost in this very old thread without getting further help from your fellow Quicken Users, I'm locking this thread as "stale-dated" and recommend that you start a new Question of your own. On that New Question, make sure you provide:

    * The exact version of Quicken you're using (ex: Quicken Premier 2011, or Quicken Mac 2007, or Quicken Home & Business 2013, etc.)
    * Your operating system (Windows 7, OS 10.6.8, etc.)
    * Any error message you're receiving - exact text of message will get you better answers
    * The name of the financial institution(s) that is returning the error, or advising you of the charge for connection
    * The connection method your account(s) use(s) to connect through Quicken

    Finally, be aware that when you're talking to the financial institutions Online Banking Support, you're speaking to a Tier 1 support agent who may or may not have any insight into charges, connection methods or other information. They may be new, may be poorly trained, may be a temp filling in, etc. If you spoke to a branch employee (teller or manager), they rarely (if ever) know anything about the Online Banking fees & structures.
Go to Tools > Account List (or Ctrl + A) to see how these accounts are connected (Direct or Express Web Connect).

PNC has 3 different selections during Add Account:
* PNC-Direct Connect
* PNC-Web Connect (which supports the Express Web Connect)
* PNC Card Services Online (no applicable to checking/savings accounts)

Knowing how the PNC account(s) connect can help determine why you're not getting the data you expect.

As for Navy FCU, they're EWC only and I find no blocking or throttling of aggregation, so the next step for that FI is to try the Account Actions > Update Now from the top of the register for a Navy FCU account to see if you get the data you expect.

Flagstar Bank has only 1 selection during Add Account, but supports all 3 connection methods for update - again, knowing how the account(s) connect can help determine why you're not getting what you expect.

FINALLY, there is a Preference in 2012 that allows you to Automatically Accept directly into your register when you update accounts; this Pref is ON by default in a new file.

It's not clear from your original post if you're not seeing any new data in your register, or if you're seeing a blue dot or a red flag to the left of the account name on the Account Bar, or if the One Step Update Summary says "x New Transactions Downloaded" (where x represents the actual number) but you're not finding them in your file.

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