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What are some problems with 2012 Quicken?

I read a negative review of 2012 Quicken on another site: difficult to install, etc. What is being done about this, if anything? I've been using 2004 Quicken. Should I buy 2011 (if available) or 2012? I need advice.
  • PLease help chickie pie & me!!!! I am considering usine Quicken for Home & Business-- never used Quicken...Any advice?
Quicken 2012 is working well for me and had no trouble downloading it but then I had Quicken 2011 that I was updating.  I had this on my home computer using VISTA.  In my office however I had Quicken 2005 and while the info may be there somewhere the 2012 update was not able to find it.  Fortunately I was able to download past history from my bank, but lost all the coding categories.  I called support and got a very friendly heavily accented person in Mumbai, I suspect, who said I needed to update the 2005 version to the 2009 version then to the 2012 version to bring everything forward.  I didn't do it, choosing instead to recreate the coding categories for the most recent year, which was really all I needed for tax purposes, reports, etc.  So, I would say that if your version is older than 2009 you might look around in Quicken to see if there is something about your version and updating or call support and see if they will download for free the 2009 version and then you can buy the 2012 version to bring everything up to date.
    chickenpie ........... Undoubtedly the majority of the bad reviews you have read in regard to problems with Quicken 2012 are on the money so to speak..  Quicken 2012 has had and continues to have, lets say issues.  If you are currently using Quicken 2010 then you might just want to stick with Quicken 2010.  IF your are using Quicken 2009 and are one that does online and or wants to be using an Intuit supported version then you will need to move to a newer Quicken version by Apr. 27, 2012.  Read here:

    With the preceding in mind, if you need to upgrade do strongly consider upgrading to Quicken 2011.

    • I have had problems with the investment module from the time I first dwnloaded it.  Shame on intuit/quicken.  I am only able to update transactions by ending the download after a minute, and then it goes into a "loop"; the windows 7 circle comes on and then any transactions are downloaded  -- not the way it should work or did work in the past.  I thought the one-step upgrade would work, but it does not work with multiple accounts, an "hangs up" -- so that I have to force quicken to close and then update transactions by individual accounts.    Intuit is probably working on the next version without fixing the current version I have; Quicken premier for windows (2012).  From previous experience in recent yearsl, I would never have upgraded, but the inability to enter manual prices in the portfolio of investments, made me "do it".   If TAMARA is reading this message, I would be happy to work with you to solve this problem.  I am sure that it was not Intuit's objective to have the updates to transactions work this way.  Also the downloading of quotes, has to be stopped when "historical prices " begin to download, otherwise it would never stop on its own.       Is Intuit really committed to this product.  I have used Quicken since 1991, and the last two years have not been good.  I have bought the upgrades, but reluctantly over the last few years. How about making 2013 a quality controlled, tested product that is worthy of the Intuit/Quicken brand.  Intuit owes this to its loyal users who have continuted to purchase  poorly tested upgrades.    This upgrade proble has been mentioned int this community for many months now..... How about revision 5 to fix these problems.

      Short answer to your question.... stick to 2011 if it is working for you..... 2012  has no improvements that justify my purchase of it......

    • Any updates on 2012's stability since release 5 was updated in late Jan (assume that is the current release?)?  

      I am currently a 2009 home and business user with a 28meg QDF file and 180meg attachment directory. I connect to my banks so I need to upgrade prior to April but I have a choice of upgrading to 2012 or 2011 (or, I guess 2010, but then I need to worry about it again in 12 months).  Generally I don't use many new features so I upgrade when forced.  So the real question is have the bugs in 2012 been fixed and is 2012 likely to connect better (some of my banks go offline for weeks with 2009, never can figure out if it is intuit's or the bank's fault)?  Is it true that 2012 adds additional banks or are they applied to all supported versions?

    • DaveBoston---- I wish I had looked into Quicken 2012 before I upgraded from 2009, like you I only do it when I am forced to do so and since they said it was time that my 2009 would no longer be supported (which by the way I understand this is going to become the norm you will only get 3 years out of a version before they force you to update) anyways I wish I had known and only upgraded to 2011.  But I thought hey I have to upgrade so get the latest not have to worry about it until 2015 after all it is March it should be working correctly by now...
      No, it is issues with downloading from some banks not all and understand other issues that either I do not use or have not come across yet.  If you can get 2011 or 2010 buy it and wait for 2012 to get fixed
    MAM ....... I have seen a couple of posts by you in the last day or so where you rant that you were "forced" to upgrade Quicken. As for me, I am knowledgeable enough, wise enough to upgrade my financial software. (that I go online with) I do this, without having to have Intuit direct me to, or as you call, it 'force me" into to doing so, with a discontinuation policy.  I am also wise enough to research in regard to what version to upgrade to / to avoid a version that is say having issues. In your case you could have upgraded to Quicken 2011 versus 2012.

    I suggest that you do some lets say homework and learn why it is paramount to use current financial software, especially if connecting to your financial institution(s).

    Food for thought............ your financial institution(s) is constantly upgrading security and such at their website. Intuit and the financial institutions work hard, (often together) are constantly redoing, changing, advancing with new ideas and methods. You though, want to be in lets say a time warp and use outdated software that does not benefit from the very beneficial changes that the FI's and Intuit have brought into play.. Really not a wise move on your part. You should be ranting thanks to Intuit for having a discontinuation policy that pushes very foolish users like yourself into doing what is best for them...

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