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combining investment accounts into a single account

I have two different IRA funds with Vanguard and they have the same account number and are set up as single mutual funds.  When I try to set up auto downloads I get a scrambled screen at the end of the process and the auto downloads do not take effect. I assume this is because there are two mutual fund accounts under the same number. Is there a way to get around this? Can I combine the mutual funds into a single account and still maintain the single mutual fund characteristics. Note: My other downloads are not a problem because the funds in the same organization have different accoung numbers.
    "Can I combine the mutual funds into a single account "

    Generally, Yes, but for existing IRA accounts in QW2009, No.  

    "... and still maintain the single mutual fund characteristics? "

    No, though that may depend slightly on what you consider to be the 'characteristics'.  A combined account will not present a Share Balance column.  

    I and several others active on this site dislike those SMF account characteristics and I avoid that account type at almost all costs.  I find the characteristics too limiting and prefer the flexibility the general account offers.  

    You may be able to get Vanguard to reassign your account numbers such that their data will download into the SMF accounts you prefer.

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