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Online scheduled transactions not showing up in register.

In quicken 2007 for the Mac when i would schedule a bill to be paid in the future online, it would appear in my register once I downloaded transactions.  This does not appear to happen with essentials.  Am i missing something or does essentials not have the ability to show future payments that are scheduled online?
    I used the Scheduled Transactions to set up recurring transactions and use the Settings in each Account to select the number of future days in the future to show the scheduled transactions.  You have to select your Settings for each Account
    • That is not the issue,  it is when you schedule the transaction with your bank online, and then download your transactions.  This online scheduled transaction does not appear in the register.  Scheduling them locally works fine and shows in the register.  I just do not like doing double work.  In 2007 online scheduled transactions appeared in the register on the future pay date.
    • I checked the settings and it is correctly set to download all future transactions for 30 days. I am still not getting bills scheduled for future payment downloading to my account.
      Why won't this feature work with Essentials like it did with Quicken 2007?

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