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Why do I continue to receive the error message "OL-248" when I try to upload a transaction? Somedays it works, others I keep getting the same message. Very frustrating... Any suggestions?

I currently use Quicken 2007 for Mac
    Bear55LA  (Gil) - the article I referenced at the top of this post is what we call a Containment.  It allows us to request additional information/logs necessary to determine and resolve the root cause of an issue, while allowing the Quicken Users experiencing this issue to sign up for notification when the issue is resolved.

    Based on the information you provided here, you are not experiencing the same thing as this article was intended for - OL-248 in Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 (v. 16.1) - but are experiencing an error more specific to your system and/or your Quicken Bill Pay account, in a non-LC version of Quicken Mac 2007 (v. 16.0).

    The LC-version issue was due to a pod of servers in a Quicken Bill Pay data center rejecting the call from the Lion Compatible version due to unrecognized SSL Certs.  Because this was not happening across all pods in all data centers, it was difficult for QBP engineering to nail down.  They finally found the problem and resolved it about 5-6 days (or so) before we implemented v. 16.1.2 for Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007.

    Your issue may be due to outdated/unexpected SSL Certs on your system, usually remedied by Apple menu > Check for Updates, but may also be due to an issue specific to your QBP account (account status, funding account change or problem, other account issues, etc.) that may only be resolved by working with a Quicken Bill Pay support agent (different that a Quicken Support agent - 2 different companies entirely).

    Quicken v. 16.1.2 is available only through updating Lion Compatible Quicken for Mac 2007 on your system.
    Quicken v. 16.0.3 is available here http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/patching/quicken-2007-manual-updates--mac-/GEN82250.html
      • I, too, use Quicken 2007 for Mac.  I, too, still get these OL-248 errors MOST OF THE TIME!  It is very frustrating.  Last March, I surfed to the URL, followed the instructions, restarted my computer, checked for updates, found the Log file, compressed it and submitted it... and no response after months.  I did the whole thing again this morning (June 2).  

        In order to make my payments, I have been forced to use my bank's bill-paying system and log the transactions manually.  It's a pain, but it's free.  If this OL-248 error doesn't get fixed soon, I am going to have to drop my Quicken Bill Pay subscription.

        --Gil Dawson
        Satisfied customer since the early nineties -- until last March.
      • Link is a bullshit answer from the fools at this incompetent company. It's not in your computer folks, it's a problem in the servers and they don't know how to fix it. Pathetic
      • There's been some very definite improvement. Today (August 4th, 2012)  I initiated a payment via One-Step Update, and it went through without a hitch. Over the past month or so, I've noticed that re-trying works. Sometimes several retries are needed, but I've never been hampered by more than, say, ten minutes, for the past month, at least. I think somebody fixed something. I wish they'd tell us when they do that, so we can celebrate.

        Or is it just me? Anyone else notice the difference?

      • Bear55LA - had you signed up on the Containment article for OL-248 with Quicken Bill Pay in Quicken Mac 2007 Lion Compatible?  Because we sent out several different notifications, and you should have received one of them if you had signed up.  We might need to check the notification and delivery tool, if you signed up but weren't notified.  This was resolved about the same time the most recent patch update went live - Quicken Bill Pay resolved a server issue approximately 5 days before we pushed our patch.
      • Tamara--

        Thanks for responding.  I'm not sure I understand your terminology, but, yes, I did expect to hear from Quicken about this OL-248 problem, and I did not.  The latest communication about this topic was from Shradda on 06/13/12, who said, in part:

        "I would like to inform you that as you have already uploaded the details on the link, our research and development team is working on it and they will send the notification email once the issue is resolved."

        Since then I've heard nothing.  Nor have I received a patch.  Was there an email sent out that I missed?

        While on the phone with a technical representative, we did upgrade my Quicken to 16.0.2 - R3.  I do not know whether this version is Lion compatible, for I'm still using Leopard (10.6.8).  I did receive one communication from Jasim on this topic, also on 6/13/12:

        "Here, I need to inform you that you are already on the latest release of Quicken. The latest release of Quicken for Mac 2007 is 16.0.2 R3."

        Please let me know where to get a copy of this email and patch.

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