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Can't find downloaded transactions

I upgraded from 2008 to 2011. I started a fresh data file and downloaded all my banks transactions.
I couldn't find them under the lower pane that says transactions.
A couple days later I downloaded again and it says downloaded but I still cannot find the downloaded transactions in the lower pane like 2008 did.
Is there someplace weird it's putting them now? I just need to review them and accept them into the register.

If I go to online center and transactions tab, I see ton of them but I can't do anything with them on that screen.

  • Having the same issue.  Transactions are downloaded, but don't show up in the register.  I can't even see them in the online center. But when I try and download them again, quicken says there are no new transactions to download, but I have 2months worth of transactions that are nowhere.
  • I have the same issues with quicken 2012.

    I find out the solution:
    Go to menu: Edit  - Preferences - Register and then click the "Downloaded transactions" and look at the right panel.

    Check the two checkbox from the "After Downloading Transactions" and they will show in the transactions in the register.
Go to menu: Edit - Preferences - Register and then click the "Downloaded transactions" and look at the right panel.

Check the two checkbox from the "After Downloading Transactions" and they will show in the transactions in the register.
  • No that doesn't fix it.  I have always had them checked and the transactions are no where.  Can't somebody from Quicken address this?
  • The only way I fixed my issue was to uninstall and then delete the entire directory quicken leaves some behind and reinstalling without deleting kept same issue. Once I clears all quicken program files and folders and cleaned registry, I installed it again and walla, transactions started showing in the download transactions area.
  • I assume you had to move your data files and backups?  They were kept good when you deleted the folder?  Just checking before I try that, because I have uninstalled and reinstalled probably 20 times and it didn't fix it.
  • Yeah, backup data files first.
  • Did anyone get an answer from Quicken on this?  I moved to a new computer, thought I had imported my backup data, but didn't. Downloaded transactions and poof, they are nowhere.
  • Never heard from Quicken, but really never expect to.  If any one has decided to move to a new software please share.  I am getting more and more frustrated with Intuit products.  Quicken and Turbo Tax.  Doesn't seem like they keep up with their products.
  • @raider72, there is a good video i saw recently that discusses the potential/probable end to quicken due to the popularity of Mint.com, and similar sites.  Intuit had to buy mint.com or they would have gone the way of the dinosaur.  Now, intuit is deciding where to put their limited resources and they are leaning more and more in favor of mint.com.  Quicken's days may be numbered unless Intuit junks up mint with the same errors as Quicken, then they'll both struggle.
Open Online Center (Tools menu, Online Center). On the right, there is a tab that says "compare to register."  Click on that, The transactions are then entered into your "downloaded transactions" at the bottom of your register for you to accept.  To keep this from happening every time you download, click on the account you want to change. Right click and select "edit."  Disable any online services.  Your account can then be manually downloaded from the site.
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