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After changing to Win7 from XP, I no longer can adjust column widths in Quicken 2009 reports.

In XP, I could click and drag the left or right margins on any column to change the width to my liking.  After reinstalling in Win 7, column widths are locked .   Anyone else have this problem?
    Quicken 2011 and older does not support the Windows Desktop Customization feature that makes characters appear larger on screen. Customization values of "Large Font" or a DPI setting greater than 100% or 96 DPI are not supported. In Quicken, this results in columns "snapping shut" when you try to adjust column width and other "odd behavior".
    You need to undo the Windows Desktop settings change and then you'll be able to adjust column width smoothly.
    If characters are too small on screen and Font style and size settings in Preferences / Register / Fonts cannot overcome the issue, you need to reduce screen resolution in Windows (but do not go below 1024 * 768).
    • My screen setup for fonts in Win 7 is 100% and resolution is the set the same as when I used XP (1680 x 1050 and I am using the same monitor).  What else can I do?
    Quicken 2009 is not said to be "Windows 7 - compatible". It's too old for that.
    Make sure that the Quicken Desktop icon is set to "run in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode" ... with Quicken closed, right click the Quicken Desktop icon, look for the Compatibility tab and then enable the above compatibility mode setting. Try and see if that makes it work any better.
    Also do be sure that you have all available bug fixes installed for Q'2009: See

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