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How do I enter employer (cash) contribution to 401K in Deluxe 2011?

Quicken Help states to create an income entry using category Comp401k, but no such category exists. When I instead try to use _401EmployerContrib, and then run Tax Summary Report, the $ appears under _401Contrib instead of under _401EmployerContrib.
    In the Paycheck Wizard, in the Pre-Tax Deductions section, did you click on the Add Pre-Tax Deduction button? The next popup has a selection for 401(k). Click that and the next popup has fields for your contribution and the Employer Match.
      While it is possible to manage your paycheck manually, if you haven't already, I suggest that you use the "Paycheck Setup" wizard:

      Select "Manage Bill & Income Reminders" (or Ctrl + J).
      Select "Create New"--"Paycheck reminder".

      With a paycheck transaction, you can setup all your deductions including your 401(k) and employer match.
      • Sherlock, your response is not solving my problem.
        #1- I do not see any listing for "employer match" in paycheck options.
        #2 - even if i use "transaction reminder" and indicate money going to 401K account as a _401EmployerContrib, a tax summary report still shows the money appearing under _401Contrib, not _401EmployerContrib. Is something wrong with Quicken?? Do I need a different version? (Does Premier handle this better???) This is very frustrating.
      The _401EmployerContrib category doesn't appear in the Tax Summary report because it does not have a tax line item assignment.  When you set up the paycheck using the wizard, the employer match is not reported as income and therefore it is not include it as a tax deduction.
      • By using "Add Pre-Tax", I can split up my contribution vs employer contribution (which is really nice because they then appear on separate lines in my 401k account register.) However, for some reason, both my contribution and employer's contribution still appear together under "_401Contrib" when I run Tax Summary report. If I try to customize the report to just show me employer contributions, it says nothing meets that criteria. Very strange!

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