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Trying to find improved download solution replacing QIF which is referenced in the Support section of the Quicken website.

    What you want for downloading is the QFX format, which is also called Quicken Web Connect.  This is the currently accepted format for downloading to Quicken.

    Also lots of financial institutions support download directly from Quicken.  If you go to an account register and open the "Downloaded Transactions" tab at the bottom it should help you get started with setting up automatic downloading (One Step Update is what it is called).  If you create a new account it will walk you through setting up for downloading.
    • Thanks for the quick  response. Actually, what I am trying to do is the following:
      My daughter keeps track of her expenses in her copy of Quicken 2011. I want her to export only her latest entries into a QIF file so that I can them import them into my Quicken 2010. When I try to import them into the account where I need them, I don't see the account in the list of accounts I can import into because it is a checking account.

      Is there any way to import QIF data into a checking account?
    Yes you can with a bit of work.  As it turns out if you put the account name in the QIF you can point the GUI at any account and it will still get imported into the one that is specified in QIF file.
    This thread shows what to edit.

    Watch out for the date you export, because if you load the same transactions from a QIF file you will get duplicate transactions.
      Also: if the transactions you want to import are all "new" transactions to your file (which it seems they should be), you can create a dummy cash account in your file, import the transactions into that dummy cash account, select them all (as you would select multiple Windows files in Windows Explorer), and "Move" (Edit > Transaction > Move) them to the desired account.  This approach eliminates the need to pre-process the QIF file before importing.

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