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What is the best way to upgrade quicken 2007 for Mac to Lion?

I currently am running Mac OS 10.5.8.  I am running Quicken for Mac 2007.  I have ordered and received the CD for Quicken 2007 for Lion.  What is the safest way of upgrading my Quicken program.  

Should I advance to OS 10.6 Snow Leopard first, then upgrade Quicken 2007 to Lion compatible from the new CD, and then upgrade the mac OS to Lion?  

or should I upgrade my Mac all the way to Lion first, and then advance Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2007 Lion Compatible?  

or should I advance Quicken 2007 to the Lion version with the CD first and then upgrade my Mac OS from Leopard to Lion afterwards?

My biggest worry is that I will advance to Lion OS and then find Quicken will no longer work, despite the upgrade to Lion compatible Quicken, and there will be no way to go back.
    It actuality, it really doesn't matter. The programs are the same underneath the covers, and you can jump back and fourth using either version with the same data file (i.e. nothing gets "converted")

    That said, I typically suggest to user in you case to go to Snow Leopard and ensure everything is working fine, then go to Lion or Mt. Lion. It will give you peace of mind.
    • Well I just did upgrade my mac to Lion and didn't upgrade my quicken at the "leopard" stage and now my quicken is completely messed up.  Followed all of the correct steps but the balances are all off and it shows I haven't paid bills.  Yikes!!!!
      Any suggestions?  Really want to rectify this problem
    • Are you sure you opened the correct file? It sounds like you opened an older file.

      Again, the data file is the same between the versions (well, the program in itself is the same, too-just no longer needs external Rosetta support)

      Verify that you are trying to open the correct file.
    • so I tried it a second time using the other icon to download the info and it did the exact same thing.  Balances are WAY out of wack and it shows that I haven't paid nor reconciled most of the entries.  Sigh...  a different suggestion?
    • "so I tried it a second time using the other icon to download the info and it did the exact same thing"

      What is the "other icon" and what are you "downloading" from? You shouldn't be downloading anything-you are opening an existing data file.

      This is the same program using the same datafile-you can jump back and fourth between 2007 (old) and 2007 (Lion)

      Look at the latest transaction dates: do they jive with current transactions, or does this file look woefully old, and you are getting a bunch of unpaid bill reminders?

      Data corruption can occur, but it really appears more like you have opened an older data file/backup. Please verify the date of the latest transactions. If they are recent, we can move from there.
    • Well I am following their instructions to import data from the old version of quicken to transfer to the new quicken.  The entries do not look "woefully" old but they are not up to date either.  For example it shows that most of my entries for the past month are not entered and that my balance is 73,000 in the red.  Wrong info and wrong balance.  I paid those bills and the tracking information (i.e. banking confirmation #s etc) is missing and that is definitely the wrong balance!!
    • did find one extra piece of information that may be helpful.  All entries dating back to April 1, 2011 have not been "entered"  i.e. there is an exclamation icon on each one and all of the specifics on amounts is missing (i.e. if I estimated a bill to be $400 and then when I actually get the bill and it is 403.24 then I enter it and pay and mark the bank info ~ with this problem the "specific" amount that I actually paid is missing).  It's all there until that date ~ happy April Fools? :)  suggestions?
    • you said "This is the same program using the same datafile-you can jump back and fourth between 2007 (old) and 2007 (Lion)".
      The problem is when I upgraded to OSX 10.8.2 Lion my computer will not let me open the old 2007 quicken (old) so I have had to import the data.  The old icon has a huge circle and slash symbol on it and when I click on it I get the following message:
      "You can’t open the application “Quicken 2007” because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."
    • So back up.  Did you install the new Quicken 2007 for Mac that's Lion compatible or Quicken Essentials?  If you got the Q2007 Lion that you should have been able to open your data file and not need to import it.
    • ah interesting!!  I thought I was getting the quicken 2007 for mac that's Lion compatible(it's what I clicked on for the download of that program) but when I just went back and looked at the bill it shows quicken essentials.  Perhaps I need to be in touch with Quicken to get that rectified?
    • Well the saga continues!  I went back and saw on one of the many sites that they recommend Quicken 2007 for Lion over Quicken Essentials (better for new users).  So I decided to download Quicken 2007 for Lion and transferred my files but once again all of my data from April 2011 is not entered accurately nor is any of it reconciled from that date on.  Exactly like it is in the Quicken Essentials file.
      Perhaps I am going to have to set up a new one and just accept that all of my data from April 2011 until now is lost!??!
    • That makes more sense. I was on my way to bed when I saw the posting about red exclamation points-"Is she talking about Essentials?!? There are no red exclamation marks in QClassic"

      Anyways, if you are absolutely certain you have chosen the right data file, you can always try reindexing it.


      But,  signs point to you trying to open the wrong data file.
    • okay ~ some new and helpful info that may help shed some light on this problem (having called the Intuit Canada, being transferred twice into the states and then hung up on when she told me to get off my speaker phone ~ I don't even have a speaker phone ~YIKES!!).

      So, I am remembering that we had a border that moved in last March and I did lock my Quicken so that he could not access my books.  It is this section of entries that is not transferring over.  Is there a quick fix for this??
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