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Unable to update Quicken 2009. I am getting this error "Not all of the files needed to update quicken were found"

I have successfully installed the Quicken 2009 Home and Business software.  

When I try to download the latest version of Quicken 2009 H&B (i.e., upgrade to the latest patch), Help->Download Latest Version->Update Now

I get the following messages

This utility updates Quicken 2009 to a newer version

The following version of Quicken is currently installed on your computer


Quicken is currently installed in the following location


Then a dialog box titled Quicken 2009 Update Program opens up with the message "Not all of the files needed to update quicken were found"

When I click OK on this dialog box, I get a Window with the following messages

Quicken 2009 Update Utility

The update for Quicken 2009 was not completed


An error occurred while loading update plugins

Here's what I have tried to get rid of this problem.

(1) Shut down and restart my computer to resolve any update issues because of a restart
(2) Since the restart did not resolve the error, I tried re-installing Quicken 2009 after manually deleting the entire Program Files/Quicken directory tree.
(3) A restart of the computer followed by the reinstallation of Quicken 2009 and another restart still did NOT resolve my problem at all.

So I NUKED the Quicken 2009 H&B version and decided to reinstall my older Quicken 2008 Premier.

Guess what, after reinstalling Quicken 2008 Premier, I am STILL getting the same "Not all of the files needed to update quicken were found" error.  Now I am stuck with a Quicken 2008 Premier R1.  The data files are possibly from R6 (?) patch.  When I try to open my QDF file, I get a message

Cannot open file.  The QDF is from a later version of Quicken.....So unless I try and fix this issue, I am well and truly hosed.  

Please HELP!
    I manually downloaded and installed the R6 patch for Quicken 2009 H&B.

    This seems to have resolved my issue of updating to the latest patch.  I am still not sure if my Quicken would allow me to automatically update my patches going forward.  Even if it doesn't, atleast I have a viable workaround.

    I still wonder why I ran into this problem in the first place.  Not having understood why I encountered this problem is still a bit of a concern for me.  Who knows what kind of issues I might end up facing in the future!
    • I am experiencing same problem with 2009 Premier on XP.  In addition, my 2009 Premier occasionally does not fully boot up. The program loads up but is missing icons in the tool bar, the command button descriptions are missing in the check register (Enter, Splt, Edit, ets) and the buttons on the pop up screens are missing (Yes, No, Cancel).
      I hope going to Update 6 fixes it.
    • I am having exactly the same problem.  I bought a new Dell and installed 2008 and can't update it.

      This is my first time using this user community site.  Does Intuit read this stuff?


      p.s. just found your answer and will try it.  Tks.

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