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How to restore quicken data from USB?

Did File Menu-Restore Backup file-selected 3different options, all say one or more b-up files are missing. 4th option does nothing. When remove USB and go into C drive, file opens from Aug 2011. When use USB on F drive, opens up fine with Mar 2012 date. Flash drive I used for several years now suddenly won't work and will not accept to be reformatted so I am using different one as referred to above. Help!
  • When use USB on F drive, opens up fine with Mar 2012 date

    So what exactly is your problem?
  • To BOBL_2  - my problem is that if I open Quicken on the C Drive (hard disk), it opens as of Aug 2011. How do I get the entries from 8/11 thru 3/12 back onto my hard drive? I did experiment last nite re going to Win Explorer, click on Quicken and up comes drop down w/listing first of which is Backup folder, all others are previous QDATA1copy backups including one dated 3/19/12. Chose Properties, Instructions say in Attributes area, select the Archive check box & click to clear the Read-only check box. There is no Archive check box. Instructions go on from there. Got those instructions from Quicken help called "Why do I get "Can't open file" or "File ot restored" when restoring my Q data file from external media?.
Have you tried restoring an "automatic backup"?  You do that from within quicken using File, Backup and Restore, restore menu item and choosing the "Backup" folder.  Then pick  one you see there. Depending on your preferences, each time you open and close QW you may be creating "bad" automatic backups so when QW is open go into edit, preferences backups and change the automatic setting to prevent creating bad ones.
  • Thank you for helping me. Meanwhile since my 2nd ques, I tried too many things and lost Quicken entirely on both the desktop & Flash. However, your mention of the "Backup" folder gave me the confidence to go to Wind. Explorer, click on Quicken, click on the Backup folder there, choose March '12 date and miraculously, everything came back on the desktop so I quicly backed up on the flash drive. I have opened up Q a cpl of times since to be sure I have it & yes I do so Tk you, Tk you. Re your comment about "bad" auto b-ups, I went into edit, preferenced  at that point dropdown had 3 items: 1 Q Program, 2. Customise Online Updates, 3 Internet connection Setup.  I chose #1. Dropdown listed: Setup, Backup, Backup preferences. That had listing saying 1. Remind after run Q - 3 times   2. Max nr. of b-up copies - 5   Show warning before overwriting all files.  I just closed out of all that 'cause I couldn't see where I wud change setting to prevent creating bad ones.  No big deal. I've used quicken for 10 years and this is the first big-time tragedy almost did me in.  Have a wonderful day.

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