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When downloading a specific transaction to an account in Quicken, account isn't listed in drop down menu

I've been having trouble with Quicken not downloading all transactions or missing a few here and there.(I know, separate issue). In one account, there was only one transaction missing, so I decided to try downloading it into the specific account, rather than manually adding it.  However, the drop down menu of accounts to "drop the transaction in to" only contains two of my accounts, neither of which is the one I need.  Please advise.  
Thank you in advance for your help!
  • Oops.  It listed my question twice (duplicate post).  Please respond here.  Thanks!
  • What version of quicken are you using?
  • I'm using Quicken 2010 Starter Edition
  • Try adding online access from within the account.(tab at bottom of register)
  • Hmmm....don't see the tab.  The only two accounts that show up in the dropdown menu are accounts that were set up separately (meaning I don't download directly into them from my bank, as they are not accounts held by my bank).  My checking and savings accounts are the ones I need and are also the one I currently download.  It's just that when I want to do one transaction specifically, it doesn't list them as an option.
  • Specifically, what drop down menu are you referring to " to drop the transaction into".
  • The dropdown menu is actually a popup window from Quicken that listed only two accounts I could choose from.  I'm now having problems recreating this particular issue, so my "other" issue is taking precedence.  The issue of missing transactions.  So frustrating!  Quicken used to work great for me, but now I'm spending more time trying to correct problems.  I'm about to give up.  I'm starting to think that I could manually write down the transactions and manually reconcile the statements quicker than Quicken!   I'm not giving up just yet, however, I'm just frustrated as I have spent way too much time trying to get it all straightened out.
It sounds like to me you have first been caught in the problems of the Express Web Connect of missing transactions, which isn't new Express Web Connect has been messed up like this for lots of people for a month or so.

The second part of this sounds like you went to your financial institution and started a download of a Web Connect (QFX) file, and instead of going right into the correct account it asked you that what account you wanted to link it to and the accounts listed are not the one you want it to go in.

If I have this right, then here is the answer.

When you setup to download an account from your financial institution to an account in Quicken records this connection so that all such downloads will go into this account.  And you can only connect one "financial institution account" to one Quicken account.

Now usually if you go to the financial institution's website and download a Web Connect (QFX) file it will have the same information in it that was used for the connection to that account, and it will import right into the correct account without asking you a thing.  BUT if the financial institution is not doing the right thing by putting in the exact same information, then Quicken will see it as a new account from your financial institution and ask you what account to connect the data to.  That is the prompt you are getting, and your account above is not on it because it is connected to the "other account".

The only way to fix this other then getting the financial institution to do the right thing and create both sets of downloaded data with the exact same information, is to deactivate (Remove) the download connection from the Express Web Connect (Leave it in manual), and then go to the financial institution's website and download the Web Connect (QFX) file again, and then this time when it asks where to connect it, the list will have that account on it.

Of course now that is done, your Express Web Connect might not work until you deactivate it and reactivate it.

You get to the place to deactivate by going to the register: Account Actions -- Edit Account Details -- Online Services.
  • QuicknPerlWiz, You hit the nail on the head.  I did exactly what you said.  I deactivated the account from the Quicken side (account actions->edit account details->online services->deactivate).  I then went back to my bank, selected the date range I wanted to download, and when Quicken popped up the selection of accounts to download into, voila!, the specific account was one of the options!  Yay!!   Thank you!!

    Now, as you mentioned at the beginning of your reply, the other problem of missing transactions is one that many are having.  If the express web connect was working correctly, I wouldn't be messing with downloading transactions from the bank side in the first place.  Is there any known bug or reason as to why this is happening?
    I can't keep up with all of the replies/posts concerning this problem.  I know there's a document about it, and I did try creating the test file, but still had problems.

    It seems like there's too much "tweeking" to make it work.  It should be "one step update" and that's all.
    Not only am I having to manually download transactions, but I'm also having to "tweek" the posting dates when I'm reconciling (another problem).  I'm having to manually match my downloaded transactions to my reminder transactions, which is fine.  But at some point, Quicken got "off" by a week or so, and the matching is off.  Sometimes, when I go to manually match the transaction, the one I need won't even be in the list of available transactions.  I read somewhere on here that the posting date needed to be edited and even that is tricky to get to.

    I really don't like to complain, but it just seems that I'm doing much more work that I should be.  

    Would it help to just start from scratch?  New files?  New account?  And just sort of archive my current quicken file?
    Wait.  That's what my test file was - a new file from scratch!  <sigh>
As far as Express Web Connect is concerned.  Well that one is in the hands of Intuit and the financial institutions.  The reason that more problems have been happening lately is because Intuit changed some things in the back end of doing this, and it has caused problems.  I know they are trying to fix it, but...  Well frankly you are talking about a system that requires Intuit's servers to log into 14,000+ financial institution websites pretending to be the user going through the log in and security and whatnot to try to get the data file (QFX).  It is a system just asking for problems, with the websites constantly changing.  There is no standard.  That is why Direct Connect is better because it uses the OFX standard and as such both sides adhere a set of rules that don't change.  Unfortunately more and more financial institutions are dropping it or charging for it and the users don't want to pay for it.

On the matching of downloaded transactions to reminders, well Quicken's matching system has a lot to be desired.  I can tell you for instance that it will not match unless it is the exact amount, even one penny off and it won't match.  Frankly my approach is give it as little to match as possible, so I don't have very many reminders, and really try to keep them to ones where the payee and the amount is always the same.  And then for the rest I just get the download as new.

On the reconciling.  Inside of the data that Quicken downloads, like in the QFX the financial institution puts in the posting date.  Quicken uses this date decide if it should include the transaction in the reconcile or now.  Unfortunately some people have found that the dates given can be later then expected, and to top it off it is hard to see this date, because Quicken is going to show a different date in the register.  The date in the register is either the date that you had on your reminder, or manual entered transaction.  In other words Quicken keeps the date that you put in over the one in the data file, but uses the hidden one for the reconcile.  On the other hand for a transaction that you download as "new" because it is not already in the register will get the posting date.

In Quicken 2011 and above you can turn on a column to see this posting date, but there isn't that option in Quicken 2010, but you can see the posting date with trick.  Hold down Shift+Ctrl right click on the transaction and select Cut Transaction and it will pop up a dialog with the information.  Of course this is one transaction at a time so it is pretty painful to look at why more then a few aren't in the reconcile.

Starting from scratch isn't going to help given the nature of the problems.
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