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Copy Quicken to external hard drive for install on netbook

I own a copy of quicken 2010 Deluxe and use it daily on my PC. We have to travel away from home for a year so I bought a netbbok & set up broad band for more portability. The netbook has arrived but there are no disk drives to install my quicken CD. I have tried copying the Quicken file from my PC to an external drive. It looks like everything is going onto the drive. I have it in the program files on the netbook  but I can not find the "install" application. I have found other install applications (bill minder, pdf driver, home inventory etc.) but can not find the application to actually install quicken to run on the netbook.
    You can download Q2010 from here

    Use the unlock code from your Q2010 disk to register this copy.
      It sounds like you were trying to copy what was on under your Program directory on to an external drive and then install it on your netbook.

      It will not work that way.

      You need to use the Quicken CD or the downloaded Quicken installation file and install the contents from that CD or download to install Quicken on the netbook.

      If you have the Quicken CD then you can copy the CD contents to the external drive or even a thumb drive and then connect them to the netbook and install the program.

      Then you can do a copy and paste your data file from the PC to netbook.
        Another option is to share the cd/dvd drive of a second pc via your home network and install it from there.

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