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why won't my chase checking account update transactions any longer?

for a week now my Chase account wont update transactions. Wasnt an issue prior and have been using quicken for 4 yrs.
  • I have the same problem. A couple of months ago, my DISCOVER transactions would not load.I got the dialog to "Import Downloaded Transactions" and there are two radio buttons. 1) Create a new account and the other 2) Link to an existing account with a blank dropdown box.  The radio button for "Link to an Existing Account" is grayed out (thus, not an available option, and that's exactly the option I need.

    I've tried manually updating and automatic, with the same results.

    If I click on "Import" on the lower right, the transactions download into a NEW Quicken Account. Conceivably, I suppose one could download a new account every month, but I prefer the way it used to work for me.

    Quicken still works flawlessly with my Checking and Savings accounts with JP Morgan Chase.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!
  • Sorry , but I'm using Qucken 2012
I found a way to kick-start the stuck transactions:

1. In Edit/ Preferences/ Register/ Downloaded Transactions: Check - Automatic Transaction Entry, then OK.
(Seemingly, nothing happens. The transactions don't match yet.)

2. In Edit/ Preferences/ Register/ Downloaded Transactions: *UnCheck* - Automatic Transaction Entry, then OK.
Now the transactions are transferred to the account and are matched!

I won't know until some new transactions come in if this is a one-time fix for an intermittent and rare bug or if I'll need to do it after every download.
    When Quicken does not know which Quicken account downloaded transactions belong to, you can not tell Quicken they belong to an account that is already activated for downloading. You must first deactivate that account for downloading, to allow it to be considered a candidate for the downloaded transactions.

    Also, if you are having problems with Discover downloads, and you're not already doing so; try setting up the account using "Discover Card" as the financial institution (which will give you "Direct Connect" downloads), rather than "Discover Card Account Center" (which will give you "Web Connect"/"Express Web Connect" downloads).

    [Aside: It doesn't seem to me that your problem is the same as the original poster's problem. When in doubt, start a new discussion.]
    • My Quicken 2011 also stopped downloading transactions from my (Bank of America) bank checking account a week or so ago.  It does upload payment instructions and update the check number in the register.

      There are no error messages.

      It's worked for years.  What's up?

      I just found the transactions.  They have been downloaded and are listed in the Online Center under the account, but they are not being automatically passed to the Downloaded Transactions tab at the bottom of the account register.
      Furthermore, the Compare to Register command button in the Online Center (Transactions tab) does not work.  It transfers control to the Downloaded Transactions tab at the bottom of the account register but the transactions don't show up there (and are not matched).  

      There are no error messages and it's worked for years.  What's up?

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