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How do I create a budget in Quicken 2012 that starts at a future date?

I've used Quicken for 20 years and have always loved the budgeting tool.  It's been more than a month since I've downloaded 2012 and am unable to create a budget that begins in January for the calendar year.  All the info I find in the searchable database is giving people info on how and why to budget.  I'm looking for help with the new 'improved' software.  As best I can tell the new  version is the very least is very cumbersome and not at all user friendly.  I hope someone can show me what I'm missing!
    Go into the Advanced Budget, ignore the order of the months and change them for how you want them.

    The budget is (and always has been a 12 month "rolling" budget").  If you look at say the Quicken 2011 budget at it says: Jan - Dec, and you are now in Dec 2011.  Is the Dec for 2011 or 2012, 2013?  Well If I set it now and don't change it until 2014 it is all of those.

    So say you want to create a budget for next year, and don't want to change one for this year.  Well either copy the existing budget or create a new one and call it "Budget 2012" ignore the positions of the months and what year is printed on it.  Fill it out.  Now switch back to your old budget for the rest of the year.  On Jan 1, switch in the new budget.

    BTW the same would have been true in Quicken 2011, if someone said that they wanted to setup a budget for next year that didn't look like this year they would have had to make a new one, and put it in place when the year started.

    If next year's budget looks like this year's budget, you do nothing and it just "rolls" into it.
    • I've been using Quicken 2005 since it came out so I'm afraid the response (relating to Quicken 2011) really didn't help.  No matter what I do, in Quicken 2012, I can't get the month of December to be anything other than 2011.  That makes creating a 2012 budget impossible!  Having struggled with this for almost a month now, I'm about to return to the 2005 least it works without shouting me off the page with huge bright unhelpful graphs.  I can't get rid of the opening window that nearly demands that I download charges from my credit card statements.  I can't and won't do that.  Additionally, I've just discovered that my 2011 data is no longer correct.  When I run a report to compare actuals to my 2011 budget there are major problems.  It worked great with v.2005.  Never before has there been any issue with upgrading.  I'm very disappointed and frustrated!
    • If you have been using the Quicken 2005 version.  What was your reason for updating to Quicken 2012?

      BTW where are you seeing the December 2011?  If it is in the Advanced Budget setup, just ignore the 2011 like I said.  If it is somewhere else well, for the main budget screen it shows the current month, and you can go back and look at past months, but you can't go forward because it is showing the result the "actuals", which have not happened for the future.  The same would be true of the budget reports.

      And the budget system was pretty much unchanged from Quicken 2011 back to maybe Quicken 2000, so what you saw in Quicken 2005 would be what was in Quicken 2011.  They did have a Spending Planner that looks like the new graphs on the budget system of Quicken 2012, but it wasn't part of the old budget system.

      As for your data for 2011 not being right.  I suggest a new question on that one, detailing as much as possible what is wrong.
    • My only reason for updating was historical experience of needing to update prior to support being withdrawn.  

      Dec 2011 is in the Advanced Budget setup.  So I have ignored it but then, of course, I only have an 11 month budget.  Less than helpful for by yearly planning.  I typically do a budget 5-6 months in advance of the upcoming year which is no longer possible.  

      The old system, once data was input (or copied from the previous year) showed a monthly chart which allowed you to see where there were months with shortfalls and months with excesses to be held over to cover the shortfalls.  Yes, we budget closely...always have and now it is a necessity.  I need and regularly use the data that has always been available...until now:(
    • Support for Quicken 2005 was gone long ago.  Support and downloading is for 3 years ending usually at the end of April.  As in Quicken 2009's support should be ending at the end of April 2012.

      You could return Quicken 2012, and buy Quicken 2011 for 1/2 the price at (about $21)

      And that would give you the old budget/graphs and such.  Support would be for about two more years.

      You can get a 12 month budget, just as you did in Quicken XXXX.

      Look if you have a budget Jan to Dec and it is Dec, how do you setup the budget for next year?
      If you change the Dec in this year then it changes for this year.  As a matter of fact if you change the Jan it changes for this year can you have just changed your budget for the past.

      But if you are looking at that same Jan to Dec budget and say, no that is for next year, then that is what it is to you.  After all you can create and save as many budgets as you like and use them to compare to whatever year you want to.

      The truth is it is whatever year you want it to be.  If you bring up a budget report it takes the Jan to Dec of the budget you select.  This has not changed for Quicken 2012.

      And yes the little monthly graphs under the months was a nice touch in the old one.
      The truth is that in fact that was really the "setup" screen and was not intended to be used as how people tracked their budgets, but it is pretty clear now that it exactly what people did.  They didn't like the real budget reports, and I don't either because the way they are done you have to scroll and scroll to see everything.

      So now people see the Advanced Budget setup and think they should be able to use that to tract their budget, but it was only intended for you to setup the budget and get out, not to track your budget for there.

      Anyway your original question is how to create a budget starts in the future.  Lets assume you mean 2012.
      Then do this.  Create a new budget and call it Budget 2012.  Go to the advanced budget and fill out all the months ignoring the position of the months and the years above them.  As in Fill in December for December 2012.

      Now when that is done switch back to the budget you were using.  Come January 1, 2012, change your budget to "Budget 2012"
    • 2012 budgeting is the worse upgrade I've seen since Quicken inception in the DOS days. You guys REALLY goofed.
    • I've tried to be as clear as I can but apparently I've not succeeded.  "Quickpro" said it best!  2012 budgeting is just makes budgeting non-existent within Quicken.  It's back to using spreadsheets for me which, of course, makes for a very cumbersome tracking/reporting process.  I guess it's time to look for another product:(

      'QuicknPerlWiz', perhaps you're too close to the product.  Your answers don't some cases don't even make sense.  As for support, Intuit used to at least let people know when their support was being dropped.  Apparently they don't do that any longer........

      I've strongly recommended Quicken to lots of folks over the years and we've really pushed our children to use it in planning and tracking their financial lives.  It's really too bad that what has been an excellent product has been destroyed.  In retrospect, perhaps I should have figured it out a month ago when I started using the 'Help' pages and everything on budgeting is about 'why' you should do it, and how to tract the top five expenditures.  Hello?  Is that really the place for such dialogue?   How does tracking the top 5 help anyone?  

      Does anyone out there know of a product that replaces Quicken as it has been historically?
    Select: Planning -- Budgets
    Note the name of the the budget in the pull down menu below "Budgets"
    Select:Budgets Actions -- Duplicate this budget...
    Type in: Budget 2012 -- OK

    Change as needed for next year (Ignoring the position of the months, Ignoring the year displayed).

    After you are done, select the original budget that was selected in the pull down menu when you started.

    Come 2012, select "Budget 2012".

    Also I'm sorry that a was short with you.
    • I'm considering an upgrade from 2011 to 2012, but am concerned as it's the budgeting that I use Quicken for primarily.  Apparently I'll still be able to create a new budget for each year, and run reports (like the old ones, with category groups, etc., I hope?) againsta whichever budget I choose.  Will my old budgets be carried forward after upgrading or will they be lost?
    • Gerb,  Like you I use Quicken in large part for budgeting.  Irrespective of all the responses I've gotten, Q 12 doesn't work anyway near as well as previous versions.  From my perspective it doesn't work at all!  I create a budget and update it during the year if/when necessary.  My previous budgets (going back many years) were carried forward...however, I haven't checked to see if they were carried forward accurately.  I do know that the 2011 budget was not carried forward correctly and after following the advise above, the budget for 2011 (December) has been changed to the new values supposedly for December 2012.  There's just no logic to what I'm being told (December is December, it doesn't matter what year it is).  The only conclusion I can reach is that the responders do not use the budgeting tool to actually create a budget and then use it as a working tool throughout the year.  I need a minimum of two budget years to be active at all times, preferably more.  I do occasionally go back to look at budgets several years old.  I think I'm stuck with trying to find new software which really upsets me given I have 20 years of history in Quicken!
    • QuicknPerlWiz,   I've lost count of how many times I've tried to create a 2012 budget and had to delete it...and yes, I've done exactly as you outlined.  After 20 years of using Quicken, I'm fully aware that reports need to be run against the correct year's budget.  I'm also aware that when I created a new 2012 budget, following your outline plus utilizing 'advance budget setup, that all the 2011 budget  line items changed for the month of December.   Your 12/23 message suggests there is a way to create a budget without going to 'advance budget setup'.  If so, please explain.  As I said to Gerb, I need to have access to multiple budgets and at this point 2011 is corrupted and 2012 is useless.
    • If I understand correctly, the months are actually relative time values ("December is just December") that are *labeled* as absolute time values ("Dec 2011").  

      When you create a new budget, the budget values appear next to your December actuals.  Since there is a big "December 2011" title at the top of the page, it seems natural to assume the budget applies to Dec '11.  Then when you go to the Advanced Edit dialog, seeing the label Dec '11 reinforces the (incorrect) "absolute" month model. It implies that the values you enter in Dec '11 will disappear in January, rather than be moved to the "Dec 12" column that presumably will show up on the right.  So I thought I had to find a menu command that let me set the start month of my budget.

      I know that creating budgets with the previous version of Quicken I used behaved the same way, but in the edit view the months did not have year labels, and I think when you were done you saw a view of just the budget values. So you never were shown a comparison with the current year's actuals or any year labels.  

      So if in December '11, I want to create a budget for Jan '12 - Dec '12, I do the following:
      1. Create a new budget
      2. Go to Advanced edit
      3. Enter the 12 months of my 2012 budget like I used to, only not in order.  For example, put Jan '12 in the January 12 slot, go through the end of the year, and then put Dec '12 in the Dec '11 spot. Force myself to ignore the year labels and month orders--just pretend I'm looking at twelve months of the year.
      4. When I go back to the Budget tab, switch the display in the budget drop-down to my 2011 budget (otherwise it makes no sense).
      5. When January starts, then I switch the view in the Budget tab to 2012 budget.
      6. When I want to adjust my budget, I go to Advanced edit and again, ignore the order (pretend I'm looking at Jan-Dec of '12, just out of order).
      7. When I want to start my 2013 budget, go to step 1.

      Is all of that correct...???
    Yes rhaitani!

    That is exactly right.

    BTW if you go the actual Budget reports you will see that they are for Jan - Dec, just like the were in the past releases, and they work exactly the same.  If you customize and say use "XXX budget" even though on the "Budgets" tab/Advanced Budget it might show the months in a different order they are still used Jan to Dec.
    • Just upgraded to 2012.  The first thing I noticed was the new budget tool.  PnB - I agree with you, it's useless.  The worst change to Quicken I've seen yet and I also have been using for 20 years.

      I've read this conversation and all the recommendations and I understand what's being said.  However, still don't like it, it's not intuitive and the interface is confusing.

      Intuit - you messed this one up.
    • I'm certainly not arguing that the new budget is confusing people and has lots of bugs in it.

      I was simply showing how the original question could be performed.

      I suggest that people take the feedback on the budget to the GetStat site setup for feedback so that you can vote and reply to the budget suggestions there.  Note it is better to search and add your vote instead of creating a new topic for the same thing.
    • Trying to find the check-box  to add a  "ME,TOO" where it says  "QD2012 budget"  sucks.
           I have been using the products back to when they called it  "Quicken Financial Center '99" and included a copy of "TurboTax '98".  After that, it got better  ...  I got better with it  ...  eased into using the BUDGET features  ...  and everything sailed right along  ...    ...  UNTIL the 2012 version came along and flopped.
           I'll keep using it  ...  keep trying to like it  ...  BUT WHY did you have to change it ??
    • jimkiley this is not a "voting" site go to the to add votes for that kind of thing.

      Also the "you", this is mostly an user to user forum you are not talking to Inuit.  The GetStat site is a feedback site to Intuit you will be mostly talking to Intuit there.

      As for why to change it.  People might not believe it, but it was changed in response to users asking for it to be changed.

      And there are some features on it I do like, but I wouldn't use it right now because of the bugs in it.
    • OK, didn't mean to jump in to disrupt a thread, just following along to see if I could learn something.
           Next time, I'll just lurk.
      Thanx for the link.
    • No Jimkiley that's not what I meant, feel free to post a comment here as you like, I was just saying for people that want to get their comment seen by Intuit, it is probably better at the GetStat feedback site.
    • So if it "works the same" why didn't they just keep it the same, as I find that it worked much better.
    • You're tagging on to a 2 year old post. I recommend you start a new post if you have a question. Be sure to include your Quicken year version, operating system, details of your issue, and any steps you may have already taken to resolve the issue.
    "No matter what I do, in Quicken 2012, I can't get the month of December to be anything other than 2011".

    How many times do we have to say this: the month of December in the budget is for the month of December in whatever report uses that budget. It is NOT for any specific year.

    If your budget report runs from January 2009 thru December 2009, the "December" in the budget is for December 2009.

    If you turn around and use that same budget in a budget report for January 2011 thru December 2011, that exact same December budget amount will apply to December 2011.

    Just forget that the budget says December 2011.
    • Well, I guess that would be fine IF my budget were the same for each year.  It is not, my budget is a working tool.  I modify it yearly to reflect whatever changes are required.  In fact, I often modify it during the year to ensure it is as up to date and useful as possible.  A budget that is the same for multiple years isn't a budget...I'm not sure what you'd call it!
    There is one thing I think might make a difference in this.

    The intent in the setup screens both in the old versions of Quicken and Quicken 2012 is just that setup.  Now in the older versions they had little graphs and such on those screens that it seems some people were using to track their budget.  If that is in fact what you were doing yes those are now gone, you can not look at the Quicken 2012 Advance Budget "setup" and quickly monitor your budget.  So if this the problem please just say so, and we can get on with this and talk about really matters.

    If on the other hand you are using the Quicken 2012 Advance Budget "setup" as intended, as a way to setup 12 months of a budget, then nothing has changed except where the months are displayed.  If you were changing the months before, continue to do it, just like you did before, nothing in that area has changed.

    If I have a Jan to Dec display, and it is August, and I change both Jan and September budget numbers, some people might think that I changed the Jan in the past and the September in the future.  Of they might think I changed the September in the future and the January in the future too (for the next year).  In truth I changed two months in a given budget, which I can compare to this year, last year, whatever year.  I can also have that budget in place when I compare it next year so it can be next year's budget too.  It is nothing more the what it is, you are setting the values in a month, the "year" it is in depends on where you apply it.
    • "Well, I guess that would be fine IF my budget were the same for each year ...".

      You have significantly mis-interpreted my post.

      I offered a couple of examples to demonstrate that the claimed problem is not a problem. Monthly budget amounts are not date specific; they apply to a given month, not a pre-determined year.

      Nothing in my post suggested that you must use the same budget for every year.

      Just as always, you can create as many Quicken budgets as you like: you can still create a different budget for every year.

      If you start right now to create a brand new budget for 2012, you can ignore the fact that the month of December displays a year of 2011 in Planning > Budgets. When you use your new 2012 budget to compare to year 2012 actual data ... the budget amount you entered today in the December 2011 bucket, will be compared to your December 2012 data.

      If you then decided that your 2012 budget was perfect to use again in 2013 (I know; you don't do that - it's a hypothetical construct) ... the same budget amount you entered today in the December 2011 bucket would be compared to your December 2013 data.

      The fact that you normally create a new budget for each year doesn't alter the logic of the fact that:

      December is just December.
    • Okay, so I tried it your way.  As I feared, December 2011 IS December 2011.  Now my 2011 Budget is further corrupted.  The values that were in place for 2011 have been replaced by the values entered for the 2012 budget December column...which, of course SAYS DECEMBER 2011.  A budget can't be considered some generic, non date-specific entity.  I would expect that everyone who actually uses budgets needs to have access to more than one at a time...for sure I do.  Be it monitoring one year and planning another, or utilizing a past year's data for tax purposes, or a multitude of other reasons, budgets are useful both historically and for planning.  How can that not be obvious.   December is NOT just December!
    • Are you listening at all?  We told you that you can create as many budgets as you like.  If you didn't want to change your current budget you should have copied it and changed the copy.

      Actually never mind.  Forget I said anything.
    • I didn't want to change my current (2011) budget, which was created in Quicken 2005, was accurate and presumably transferred to the newly downloaded 2012.   I did want to create a 2012 budget which, as I've said numerous times always begins with December 2011.  I've been 'told over and over' that inputting data, even though it says December 2011, will actually be for December 2012.  While that makes no sense to me, you all have said that December is December, ignore the year.  Now that it hasn't worked, the only response is 'never mind'?   How is that suppose to be helpful????????????????/
    "I created a 2016 retirement budget and it is deducting/adding expenses & income entered for 2012".

    Where in the world do you think Quicken could get actual amounts for periods that have not yet occurred?

    The exercise for creating a budget for the future may or may not include asking Quicken to utilize past actual data to construct an initial budget. You can start with a (copy of a) previous budget (that was for any year), a budget computed from actual data for all categories, or a nearly empty budget (with the 5 top spending categories as computed from actual data).

    Once you have a "starting" new budget, you can add, change, or delete any categories and amounts you like. If it is your intention to use the new budget for 2016; the budget amounts you finish with should reflect your estimation of your revenue and expenses for 2016 ... the source of those estimates is not material ... it just matters that they are what you believe will be true for 2016.

    You can title that budget "My 2016 Budget", and when the year 2016 rolls around; you can tell the Quicken Budget report to use "My 2016 Budget".
    • I was using 2011 unitl I found an error with budget reports not refreshing unless you saved your work as a new budget.  Intuit gave me a FREE copy of 2012 and promised the issue would be resolved with the update.  My frustration is now beyond words.  Primarily my frustration lies with the lack of understanding around how, what at one time was a reliable, practical and helpful tool could be desimated to this extent?  I just makes no sense?

      Does Intuit plan on updating based on user feedback?  Are we stuck with this?
    • I have to add my input to this thread as I too am extremely frustrated with the change in budgeting with 2012 version.  I've been a quicken user since the earliest versions (15 yrs?  20 yrs?  can't even recall) and have used the budget feature extensively.  Each new version has provided updates and improvements to that feature, but with the 2012 version they apparently threw out everything and created a useless new approach.  The most frustrating change for me is the inability to change budget amounts for months that have passed.  The budget tool only allows entry of budget data for future months, which makes it very difficult manage the budget across a calendar year.  My personal finances do not operate like a fixed government budget where the amounts are set at the start of the year and never change - I use the budget planner to track and adjust budgets fluidly throughout the year, modifying budgeted amounts based on unexpected expenses and variable income.  I do this on a calendar year basis, so need to be able to re-allocate budgets from one category to another, in prior months, in order to see where I really can or cannot spend money in future months.  It has now become impossible to do that in Quicken.   I'm forced with exporting the spend data to Excel and creating my own budget there - something I haven't had to do since the mid-90s!  If I'd known about this feature change, I never would have upgraded to 2012!
    • here are my 2 cents on this:
      - I think rhaitani above explains it perfectly. There is no difference between how budgeting works in 2012 vs previous version
      - my only frustration is that it is very cumbersome to do budget reports based on historical data (not actual data). Here is how I figured it out to do it: bring up the budge report then bring up the budgeting window (not the advanced one). Now click on "Monthly" in the time period selector, then click on any prior month (not the current month). A new selector appears to the right of the month. Click "Use historical budget..." from it. BINGO! your report is now showing historical data. Cumbersome to say the least, idiotic would probably describe it better.

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