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I am a mortgage lender. I want to track loans for which I am the lender.

Quicken 2013 help says to open the account and select account Actions and then "Convert asset to lender loan". That option is not present.

How do I convert an asset to a lender loan (a loan I am financing)?  It was so easy in all prior versions of Quicken.  Not in this one.  Some improvement, eh?
    This option was added in Quicken 2013 R6. 

    1. First, create an "Other Asset" account where:
    - For Asset Value = enter the total amount you loaned
    - For Start Date = enter the date of the loan (when you made the loan) 
    - When asked if you'd like to associate a Loan with the Asset choose "No"

    2. Then, select the asset account you just created.

    3. From the register Action menu (Gear at top-right) choose the "Convert to Lending Loan..." option

    This will walk you through the rest of the Loan setup process. It will allow you to set the loan terms and enter the Current balance of the Loan (i.e. how much is still owed to you).

    If you had lending loans prior to Q2013, they should get converted. The above is the process for setting up new Lending Loans. 

    See also attached screenshots.
      Hi Gene30,

      Unfortunately that option that is mentioned in the help is actually missing from the product and will be added in a future version. The ability to lend money is a known issue and Quicken is working on it as part of their 2013 Hot Issues. For now you can use this workaround:

      [out-dated Link removed - this was updated in R6 see answers in this thread]
      • Link doesn't work...
      • Search Quicken help for lender loan. Follow the instructions exactly.
      This option is now available in R6.

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