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How do I Combine Four Investment Accounts into One Account??

I just opened an account at Janus and purchased 4 funds.  On the Janus web site they are listed under my SSN and a single account number, but when I used the Quicken Premier Online set-up; 4 accounts with a single fund each were created.  How can I get them to be consolidated under a single Janus account???

I tried deleting 3 of the accounts and re-setting up the accounts to be directed into the remaining "Master" Janus account.  But the Janus account was not avalible to be selected.  I understand that Quicken can't control how Janus provides a download, but why can't it provide a means to group multiple downloaded accounts into a consolidated account?  I really don't want to have any more accounts shown in the accounts bar.

I've used Quicken since 1993 to track investments so I am not a novice.  

Does anyone have an answer?
    Isn't it possible that Janus requires a separate account for each fund...even if they have the same account numbers?

    That has occurred before.

    Did you try contacting Janus and see what they say?
      "I understand that Quicken can't control how a company provides the download; but they should provide programing to consolidate multiple downloads into a single meaningful account. "

      Maybe Janus should get with the times and change the way they download transactions to Quicken...not that Quicken should change to accomodate Janus.

      Fidelity and Vanguard have no such restrictions.

      This is truly Janus' problem.
      • I'm in the same situation.  After a bit of searching here and elsewhere, it appears there is no solution. (Major bummer.)  It's really frustrating that Quicken doesn't provide a way to consolidate multiple "accounts" (per the institution's download, in my case Principal Funds) into the one actual account that I have just because the individual funds are broken out into sub accounts.  I guess I'll stick with manual reconciling. yay.
      • Exactly the same occurs with Principal Financial Group ( and, no, I didn't set up 12 accounts -- and I only see one account with 12 funds on their website).
        I don't want 12 Quicken accounts and, as this seems to be a common problem, I would expect Quicken to have fixed it by now.
        Are they all asleep figuring out that, without Money, they have no competition?  Think again!
      • Thisis the same issue with American funds.  Quicken should allow you to categorize and group investment accounts no matter how the company provides the download.  It seems very shortsited on the part of Quicken to not allow groupings of accounts.  I am a new user and am disappointed in many of the limitations of this program and would be interested in a more user friendly and flexible program.  The other big issue I have with them is that they do not allow QIF files for history to be imported any longer.  They said I needed to do this manually which seems ridiculous for me to have to enter years of history manually when all they would need to do is allow an upload of either transactions in excel or QIF.  2009 only allows OFX files and most institutions only have 90 -120 days history.
      That is exactly what is happening; I figured that out yesterday.  The Janus download has a sub-account number (fund # , main act #) assigned to each of the downloads, but only requires a single ID and password to get all 4 downloads..  I understand that Quicken can't control how a company provides the download; but they should provide programing to consolidate multiple downloads into a single meaningful account.  They know it is a problem because they provide a warning during the set-up of the account.  I asked the question on the forum hoping someone had found a fix or Work-Around for this problem.  Thanks for taking the time to reply.
        This will be a non-specific answer.  If you need more details, ask.  

        Apparently you set up the four accounts as Single Mutual Fund accounts.  I did not see where Janus requires that.  Indeed, apparently they require the opposite.  You may have options as to how to proceed.  I suggest you make a reliable backup forst in cae you do not like the results.  

        One approach will be to change the SMF statis of one account to be not a SMF.  You can then do Shares transferrred transactions to move the shares from the other three accounts to the one non-SMF account.  You would then disable online downloads for that account and re-enable them.  That should leave you with one active Janus account in Quicken.  

        You could also copy the individual transaction from the other three accounts to the non-SMF account.  As relatively new accounts, thoat should be too difficult.  

        Another approach that might work (especially since this was just done) would be to delete all four accounts and start over creating one Janus account in Quicken and then downloading the data from Janus.  I would expect this to get all the Janus data into the new account.  (This would be my preference.)
        • Thanks q.lucker for replying.  

          I deleted all 4 accounts, Added an New Janus Act, Invest/Retirement; Standard Brokerage.  Then in Account Set-up Typed J and Selected Janus from the list.  Selected the recommended method to connect Thru Quicken and download the transactions with the same results as yesterday.  I started over with deleting the accounts.  This time Selected NOT to Download the Transactions.  Now for the first time I was given the choice to select NOT A SINGLE MUTUAL FUND Account.  (Before making that selection Quicken warns that some mutual fund companies make a separate download for each fund.  So Quicken knows about this problem.  Now I am just hoping that Janus is not one of those companies.)  Made that selection and then entered zero cash balance.  Then entered the four ticker symbols for the funds I purchased.  The selected DONE and closed the Account Set-up.  Went to the Janus act. and entered the money transfers to fund the account.

          Went to the Janus accouint under Investing Tab and selected Set-up Download.  Entered my ID and password.  Quicken connected to Janus and the window showed the four funds but would only allow me to select one to enter into the Janus account.  So I de-selected the other 3 for downloading.  Chose store the password in the Password Vault and closed the window.  The one fund purchase was downloaded correctly.

          Tried a 2nd download but nothing new downloaded and no choices to add the other funds.  Editing the account information also does not allow for any changes to add the other funds.  So I guess I am stuck with four more accounts.  That will bring me up to 19 investment accounts for the family.

          This type of frustration and errors in return calculations on Quicken 2005 caused me to try MS Money; but I did not like the interface, so I am back to Quicken but looking for a better solution.

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