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can not import quicken essentials to new quicken 2007

i exported account  quicken essentials 1.7.1 to desktop
tried to import to new quicken 2007
clicked on import  new window opened up asking me to select the file i want to open
I can find the file      but it is dimmed     so i can't select it
and it will not open in quicken 2007
i can not even get started
    Were you following these instructions but getting unexpected results?  The file extension piece of the instructions is important.
    • If quicken 2007 is a new install on your computer, you need to create a new file first before the import options can be used.
    • yes  making a new file  was the step i didn't do     i now have imported my essentials file into the new quicken 2007    thank you for the imput

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