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Cash Balance Not Decreasing

I have entered several cash investment (mutual fund) purchases with the &quot_Buy&quot_ action form. All data is entered correct including the &quot_Cash Out&quot_ field. However, when I save the transaction my cash balance in the account does not decrease so that I have too much cash after all of the transactions. How do I get the cash used in the transaction to subtract from the available cash balance?
    It would help if you could publish a screenshot of the transaction.  Might you have entered the name of another account in the "Transfer" field?  If so, Quicken is "paying" for the stock with money from that other account.
      You got me thinking... I had entered the investment account into which I was buying the stocks as the cash tranfer account. When I delete the account name from the transfer account field and leave it blank the cash balance decreases. Problem solved.

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