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How do I print checks in Quicken 2011?

I updated to quicken 2011 and am unable to print checks. I can print reports, but when I try to print checks it appears that either the data is not sent, a null file is sent as all the printer does is beep (indicating some kind of error ?) , never indicates it received data by showing the "printing" notice on the printer status screen. I am using an HP OfficeJet 6500 and Windows XP. I have reloaded/updated Quicken as well as the HP driver.
Are you trying to print from an investment account?  If so, I had the same problem and wasn't able to get a good answer from Quicken support.  I was finally able to figure out a way around the problem, and in the process discovered a problem with Quicken 2011 and also a workaround.

When the only accounts available are investment accounts, the “Print Checks” option is not available on the File menu. By adding a dummy bank account, the “Print Checks” option is now available and I can print checks from the investment account.

Go to <File> <New Quicken File> from the menu, then select "New Quicken Account."  Choose "Checking" under the Primary Accounts section and click on "Next."  Click on "Advanced Setup" at the bottom of the next dialog box, then choose "I want to enter my transactions manually."  Follow the remaining setup steps to create a new checking account.  You don't have to actually run any transactions through this account; simply having it available as an account will allow you to print checks through your investment account.

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