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Convert Money 2006 for PC to Quicken 2006 for Mac

May I convert my microsoft money 2006 file for pc to quicken 2006 for mac ?
    Some have written about MSMoney to QM conversion in the Forum.  You should be able to find the posts with a "Search" conducted at the "Quicken Personal Finance Software Forum for Macintosh" level.Also, see what is available in Qucken's "-Help & Support-" (linked from red panel above.
      it is a real PITA, but it can be done.  You have to use QIFs as the go-between, and not everything transfers.  Expect to make several trial-and-error attempts, and a few hours reconstructing and cleaning up.  Unless this is a huge file with lots of accounts/transactions, it is sometimes better to just start from scratch.

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