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Schedule C: Commission and Fees

I am trying to help setup a consultant business for my wife.  She sells jewelry, takes payments in form of cash, check , or CC.  CC is directly uploaded to main business website and not to her account.  Check and cash are deposited and then she makes a final payment by her CC.  She is payed commission off of the sales.  I have a Business Expense Category setup as Expense for Guest Retail Sales as Schedule C:Gross receipts or sales.  I also have a Business Income Category setup as Income for Profit as Schedule C:Commissions and fees.  When I view a report of Income vs expenses, they are all listed as expenses.  I setup under Categories that the Commissions and fees be an Income account, but they are still showing as expense.  If I change them to Schedule C:Unspecified Income, they show up as income, but they are commissions.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this?  Please help me...

    That's because Commissions and Fees is usually an Expense, not an Income Account. Most people PAY Commissions and Fees, they don't receive them as Income.
    If under the Tax Reporting Tab you said that this is Commissions and Fees, THAT is the Expense, not an Income Item.  You will need to use either Gross Income (because it that to your wife) Or Income Other. Gross would be better.
      I use Q13 and after setting up "Commissions" as an income category , my P&L statements are ok. I should think Q11 is as well.  Income&Expense reports are also ok.  My tax line item is "schedule c:Gross receipts or sales" not the expense item of "commissions and fees."

      I believe this is the correct and only way to be right.

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