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Quicken stopped downloading new Capital One transactions.

I have a Capital One Venture card.  Just the other week, my online services stopped downloading new Capital One transactions.  My other accounts work fine.  I tried deactivating my Capital One account with online services and reactivating.  Doing this successfully pulled in the new transactions.  However, additional updates still do not download new transactions.  When I view the Update Summary it correctly displays the updated online balance, but it says no new transactions have been downloaded.  When I access my account through the Capital One Website I see several recent transactions missing from Quicken.  What should I do?
  • i have the exact same problem and came here looking for help.  even tried uninstalling and reinstalling quicken.  and capital one offered no help either
I spoke with customer support and here is the solution:

Go to Tools >> Online Center.  Hold down the CTRL key and click on Contact Info menu item.  The Refresh Online Transaction Information box will appear.  Choose the desired account from the drop down list.  Click the Reset DTSTART button.  Change the date to the day in which quicken stopped downloading transactions.  Example: The last transaction downloaded was the 9/11/2011.  So this is the day that I put in the box.  Then click Refresh.  Now try an update and it should work.
  • yea but tomorrow is what i am worried about. we will see
  • actually it didnt work.  did it work for you?
  • Yes it worked for me.  Try opening up a chat session with Quicken Support.  They'll set you straight.
  • Also worked for me August 2015 4 years later!!  I had deactivated and reactivated several times and it kept giving errors, finally tried this and reset to a date in past and worked...Now right as rain!  Thanks OP!
I'm sorry, it was Capital One Card Services I switched to......did you try switching to one of the other listings and see if that helps?  You can always switch it back to your current service if need be....
  • to update everyone, quicken actually fixed this on 11-5-11 and it is working now.
  • Not fixed for me yet.

    I suspect the problem is that Cap One is late in adding transactions to the download info, and a download updates DSTART, then new transactions with an earlier date are added, and don't get downloaded.

    The "fix" would be to always automatically use a DSTART that's back in  time at least a few days.  This causes some redundant transaction download, but they get filtered out and you never see them.  It's similar to doing a web connect with an early starting date to pick up the missing transactions.
  • I agree with you 100% Millwood.  It's not fixed yet on my end either.
  • yea it worked for one day, i actually beleive the problem is at Capital one.  All of our other accounts work and i think they are the problem.
  • I have (I think) determined the root cause.  Capital one is adding transactions with back dated posting dates to their files.  These won't be downloaded by Express Web Connect because DSTART is later than the posting date!  That's why changing DSTART or deactivating/reactivating gets them.

    I can't imagine how I'm going to get Capital One to fix this!  If I had access to the Quicken scripts, I'd just add a DSTART offset to overcome the problem, but that's not going to happen.
  • I've had a similar problem, tried deactivating the account and reactivating for one-step, and now get an error message saying Quicken cannot connect with Capital One, that it's a Quicken problem. I called Capital One tech support and the guy said he'd had 3-4 calls just that day about the same issue. He says it's a problem in how Quicken's server is trying to connect with Capital One.
a couple of days ago i switched to the "capital one card - current" option when selecting your bank and for the last 3 days it has worked perfectly.

hope it continues
  • I switched to Cajpital One Card - Current.  Will see if it works.
  • Switching doesn't help.  The problem is defective qfx files.  They have swapped the transaction and posted date.  As a consequence, recent transaction can have posted dates earlier than your last download - and in that case the will not be downloaded.

    Whenever you deactivate/reactive quicken downloads everything again so you get the missing stuff.  And if you fiddle DTSTART (see earlier posts) you again get even the transactions with bogus posted dates.

    I despair of getting this fixed - some programmer swapped two fields but there seems no way to get anyone to listen.  I can't even find out if quicken or capital one is the culprit.
  • Just spent an hour in chat with Quicken.  Had to get them off script.  But bottom line - they will NOT look at a qfx file - they tell me to talk to the bank.

    Capital One Credit Card refuses to even recognize that they support Quicken.

    So for now, I reset DTSTART to get my transactions.
  • I had the same issue - was using Capital One Card Services.  I deactivated then reactivated online services using Capital One Card - Current and was able to download all transactions that were missing.

    BTW - the Cap One/Quicken server connection does have periodic connection issues as I was unable to perform this yesterday as I never was able to connect.  Today it worked like a charm.  Fingers crossed that this permanently resolves my issue.
  • i have not been able to connect for the last 2 days.  is anyone else having this issue?
I'm not sure what you expect Intuit to do. They presently have 3 hot topics each referring to what appear to be distinct Express Web Connect issues posted on their contact page: If you issue a search for "missing transactions" on the support site, they provide plenty of guidance on things you can do to recover: Unfortunately, by design, a change by a financial institution to their web site can impact the Express Web Connect model in a variety of ways and it appears that many of the financial institutions delivered changes to their web sites at about the same time.  Don't forget there are still a significant number of financial institutions that are functioning well with Express Web Connect at this time.
  • What do I expect Intuit to do?  Work.  For ALL my downloads in a user friendly manner.
I found going to the credit card website and chose the "Downloads" tab, I was able to get addtitional transactions in the form of a QFX  download .For some reason the the "One Step Update" does not get ALL the transactions ?
I'm now in perfect balance with Capital One all the time.
Good Luck
    I had the same problem. I was able to start downloading my transactions again by editing the online instution - I accidentally found out there were several listings for Capital One when trying to remove and restart the One Step Update for my Capital One account in Quicken.  The original listing I was using was called "Capital One - current"  and I changed it to "Capital One Online Services"

    Hope that helps....
    • I thought I had fixed this problem, but it is still an issue.  I am using "Capital One Online Services", but I still have to do that silly DTSTART fix before every update.  It's really annoying.
    • i dont have capital one online services as an option, only CAPITAL ONE CARD- CURRENT, CAPITAL ONE CARD SERVICES AND CAPITAL ONE COMMERCIAL SERVICES,  i was using the CARD SERVICES,
    • Excuse me, I meant to say I use Capital One Card Services
    Intuit has been having difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect model at many financial institutions. Unless you can deal with this instability, I suggest that you use Direct Connect instead. Note: Some financial institutions do not support Direct Connect or may charge for the use of Direct Connect. If you want to avoid this cost, use Web Connect. To use Web Connect, remove One Step Update from the account register, log in to the financial institution's web site and download the transactions into Quicken - do not activate One Step Update for the account register otherwise you'll be back to Express Web Connect.
    • Finally an anwer to my questions,  One more question is why does Quicken not own up to this probelm??  Why is because no one would by Quicken anymore.  I have used Quicken since the day it came out.  I have loved it every since untill I got the 2010 version and this new Web Connect crap that does not work.

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