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How do I re-download transactions that I deleted once? Can't seem to do it

I deleted a bunch of transactions out of my BofA checking account in Quicken.  I want to re-download those.  I can't get it to redownload
    You can not re-download transactions you have deleted.

    If you think about it for a bit, you will realize that being able to do so would be a horrible mistake.  

    Learn how to deal correctly with downloaded transactions; or accept that you will have to manually re-enter them, if you make the mistake of deleting them when you should not have done so.

    Quicken can not prevent you from experiencing the results of your own mistakes.

    [I did not address the possibility that you kept the downloaded transactions in a backup of your Quicken data (or that Quicken, conveniently, made such a backup for you).  Or kept a backup of your data from just before the download whose transactions you deleted.  If so, all you need do, is Restore the appropriate backup.]
    • Money was able to do this, and I never experienced any problems with it. This is a flaw in Quicken, not a way of making users experience 'the results of their own mistakes.'

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