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how do i convert csv file into qfx file for quicken essentials

    You are going to have to get it into .ofx format. I was about to note that most all these backdoor convertors that convert unsupported formats run under windows. But, the first search hit was for a free online one:

    How well it works-well you have to try. You also have to realize you are uploading transaction files to a third party. I would open the CSV in excel and see if there is any data you don't want viewed by others.
    • I have tried to use worked once correctly.  Their is something that happens with the dates.  Also, I have Quicken 2013 and i can't find an option for .ofx ONLY qfx.  I converted my CSV file to QIF and put it in a 'cash" account, assigned categories and then used windows to move the data into the appropriate register.  Copy all of the transactions, right click, "copy transactions" and then opened to register and "paste transactions".  It seems to have worked.  Other than the date issue, which is a pain if you have to categorize everything, enter the payee and change the may as well enter the old fashioned way.
    • Oh, one more effort to find a better converter; I did run across one that oddly asked for my routing number and account number.  Obviously, I didn't provide it but it was certainly alarming.  Bad people out there....
    • Christine you are asking your question on a Mac thread, and the answer is quite different for the Windows Quicken.  Please ask your own question (or search for the answer, which has been answered many times).  And yes watch out for those bad guys out there!

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