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I lost my Quicken icon off my desktop and do not know how to launch Quicken. I have been restoring saved files. Any help?

    Restoring saved files is probably not the answer to your problem unless it is much deeper than simply a lost icon. You may simply create a new icon and place it on the desktop. To do this you must first locate the file qw.exe by doing a search.  In windows , click on the start menu and enter "qw.exe" in the search parenthesis just    qw.exe and the search engine will find the location of the file. Highlight and right click on the icon representing qw.exe and open properties and then copy the's something like    C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken.  Go to your desktop and right click anywhere  in the desktop screen and select "new" and then select "shortcut" and then paste the location of the qw.exe.    Then clicking the icon will open the most recently opened quicken file. If this is the file you want then fine. However,   If this is one of your recently restored files and is not the one to use, then you must open the correct file from within quicken by using the "file" dropdown and clicking on the correct file name. From then on clicking the icon will open the correct file. There are of course other ways to open the correct file..............such as by locating the correct file folder and clicking on the good file name.
      You can also find it on the Start menu and do a right-click drag of the Start menu listing of Quicken to the Desktop and tell it to copy it.
        Splasher, I expect the correct file was not recently opened  thus the second part of my answer. Copying or dragging from the start menu also creates an icon that opens the most recent file by executing qw.exe. I think the user's problem could be solved as I suggested and also by setting up an icon that opens the specific file instead of the "last opened. altho I don't recommend it.  Certainly your answer is by far the easiest way to get the icon assuming the last file opened is the good one.  I bow to a "superior" user!
        • Ron, nothing superior here. I was just providing an alternate approach to creating a Desktop icon.

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