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express web connect can't connect to credit union

I have an account with a credit union that used to update via express web connect. A couple of weeks ago it no longer updated, so I tried to disable/re-enable the online access, and now the account setup says it can't connect to the institution ("it's not your fault - try again").  Never connects.  If I use an old copy of my quicken data file (one that had a problem where all of the stock price histroy all of a sudden went away, so all of my brokerage accounts were screwed up - don't remember exactly what I did to fix this, but followed the steps as outlined on some post on this site), the credit union update works. Also, if I create a new quicken data file and add the credit union as the only account, again the update works. Any thoughts?
    read this and then search for 501 error

    A lot of people are having some luck by disabling online access to all the same institution; restart Quicken; Download from the banks web site to establish the connection, and then try to enable express web connect again if you want to try it again. If you are persistant, you can usually get it going again. (The other choice is just download from the bank web site which seems to be working fine.
    • I don't understand what is meant by "disabling online access to all the same institution".  Please clarify.  Also, WRT "Download from the banks website to establish the connection", I'm also not sure what is meant by that.  The credit union only offers QIF file download, which is not able to be imported into banking accounts according to Quicken H&B 2010 (silly on the part of the credit union I'd say...)
    If you haven't recently, I suggest that you validate and repair the data file: select "File"--"File Operations"--"Validate and Repair..."
    • Made no difference... but just to be clear, I only see "validate" from the drop down, not "validate and repair".  Using Quicken H&B 2010.
    Since the "Express Web Connect" works with the "old" data file, your issue appears to be data file specific.  I suggest that you try "Super" validate: while pressing the Ctrl an Shift keys, select "File"--"File Operations"--"Validate...".   Note: The validate and repair functionality still doesn't detect and repair all issues but it has likely been enhanced in Quicken 2011 and Quicken 2012 to detect and repair more issues than it did in Quicken 2010.
    • G:

      ref: I don't understand what is meant by "disabling online access to all the same institution
      It means disable online access as you said in your original post for all accounts to the same Credit Union

      The rest doesn't apply if the web only has .qif
    • I upgraded to Quicken H&B 2012 in the hope that this might improve the situation, but of course nothing changed.  It's a bug that Intuit needs to fix...
    • Give up. express web has major problems. I've been dealing with support for months sending log files. They say they have it fixed but they don't. You can send your files in but don't waste a lot of time thinking it's your fault. Web express downloads from your FI into the intuit servers and then you get the data from them. If you can use direct connect it will connect directly to your FI and bypass intuit and you will have no problems.

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