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Transaction Downloads

Is anyone else having trouble downloading transactions from the following:

Capital One Credit Card Services
Macy's Credit Card
Bank of America Credit Card
Chevron-Texaco Credit Card
GE Money Bank

I have found that disabling and then re-enabling one-step update for these accounts provides a temporary fix, however not permanent.  It has become very tedious performing this function on a daily basis.  

The error codes that I am receiving are CC-506, OL-221 and CC-580.
  • Can't speak to the others, but I am not having trouble with a Direct Connect connection with Chase Visa Freedom (Win7 and Q'2011 Deluxe)
From Quicken today.  I hope it works.

Thank you for notifying us that you were experiencing the issue "OL-220 or OL-221 error received when updating Express Web Connect accounts in Quicken for Windows".

We have deployed a patch to resolve this issue.  To fully implement this solution:

1.  Refresh your online account information

    In Quicken 2010 and newer
        a) From the account register, click on Account Actions, and select Update Now.
        b) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
        c) Repeat these steps for each financial institution experiencing this error.

    In Quicken 2009
        a) From the account register, click on Update Now.
        b) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
        c) Repeat these steps for each financial institution experiencing this error.

2.  After Account Refresh has been completed on all EWC accounts, perform a One Step Update to confirm the error no longer occurs.

If the OL-220 or OL-221 error persists, or if you require assistance with these instructions, please visit and Contact Us.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Quicken Support Team
    Intuit has been having difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect model at many financial institutions. Unless you can deal with this instability, I suggest that you use Direct Connect instead. Note: Some financial institutions do not support Direct Connect or may charge for the use of Direct Connect. If you want to avoid this cost, use Web Connect. To use Web Connect, remove One Step Update from the account register, log in to the financial institution's web site and download the transactions into Quicken - do not activate One Step Update for the account register otherwise you'll be back to Express Web Connect.

    If you haven't already, I suggest that you review:
    • I'm having this same issue as well.  Suddenly, after working perfectly for months, I'm getting these odd errors when trying to update.

      After trying to communicate with the India-based tech support, they inform me that they have to "fix their servers" and it will take 4-8 weeks to escalate my issue.  Otherwise, I sit tight and wait to hear from them when they get around to it.  There's no way to check on the progress, or confirm that they are even working on this.

      More maddening, each time I speak to a different tech support person, I get told different conclusions.

      I can't even disconnect and reconnect; Quicken says they are having a problem ("It's not your fault"!), so once I unlink it, it's dead.
    • Thanks all for the feedback.  It seems like this is a serious problem.  Unfortunately, the financial institutions that do offer a direct connect option charge a ridiculous fee.  

      My only workaround as proposed in an earlier thread is to manually log into each financial institution's website and download the transactions manually via the web connect option; very time consuming!
    • I don't pay any fee for my Chase Freedom card for the Direct Connect downloads.
    • Correct Splasher, the direct connect option is  free for Chase credit card holders.  However, I closed my Chase credit card after they increased the interest rate; my credit union offered me a much lower rate.  

      Without a Chase credit card, I have to pay a $9.95 monthly fee to enable the direct connect option for my checking and savings accounts.

      I have submitted this gripe to Chase on several occasions.  If the Direct Connect option is offered to credit card holders for free, it should also be offered to non-credit card holders as well for free.
    • Have you thought about having the card and only using it once or twice a year to keep it active and ALWAYS pay it off when due so that you don't get charged interest?

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